Vincero (collector's edition 2 CD)

  • Amaury Vassili
  • Warner Music
  • 2009-11-23

Amaury Vassili is above all a voice, the voice of a genuine 19-year-old tenor who, on his first album Vincero, unleashes great power and mastery as well as finesse. He’s a handsome guy who also cultivates a certain eclecticism: although he has appropriated the lyric repertoire with great natural class, he by no means snubs the large family of popular musical styles. On this CD there are indeed some new versions of great classical melodies (Edward Elgar’s famous March No. 1, Op. 39/1, Beethoven’s Pathetique sonata), but also some original, contemporary pieces composed by Davide Esposito and Stanislas Renoult.

With his exceptional vocal promise, Amaury Vassili is entitled to harbour great ambitions.

“These are tunes I like and they suit my feelings. They’ve got inspiration and range.” The record also includes, along with his intense performance of “Parla piu piano” — the theme tune to the film The Godfather — new versions of theme tunes that form part of our collective unconscious. And there are other covers of songs from the rock repertoire such as “Who Wants To Live Forever?” by Queen and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. In short, Amaury Vassili is a modern boy who doesn’t care to take the easy way out nor revel in doing what everybody expects. His tastes embrace the whole spectrum: “I’m a fan of Michael Jackson, reggae roots and Jacques Brel”, he explains, “But I love opera with a large orchestra because when you’re starting out in it, you know you’re going to give your all and come out of it physically exhausted.”

Amaury Vassili regards singing as mainly a question of commitment. And the stage holds no fears for him: “The more people there are, the more comfortable I feel and the more passion I put in.” There are good reasons for such self-assurance verging on arrogance. From the age of nine onwards, this young man with a sturdy character appeared regularly on the competition circuit and at regional theatres in musicals for young audiences in Normandy, as well as taking part in the French Chanson Cup, which he won in 2004. And he taught himself everything. With his exceptional vocal promise, Amaury Vassili is entitled to harbour such great ambitions and he also knows exactly how to go about realising them. So he steered well clear of the sirens of reality TV who came calling on several occasions. Amaury laughs about this: “I never went to any of those casting sessions. I’ve got a very particular musical style and I didn’t feel like fitting into that kind of mould.” One listen to this album, on which his talents as a tenor and a performer are there for all to see, shows the wisdom of this decision. At only 19, Amaury Vassili has already made his mark as the youngest tenor in the world.

Amaury will on the stage of the theatre of Olympia in Paris on the 17th June 2010 and soon release a duet with his idol, Katherine Jenkins.

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