The Locust

  • Camber Sands
  • United Kingdom
  • All Tomorrow's Parties
  • 2005-12-02

The Locust are a love them or hate them band. It’s never correct to cut out all of the grey area but from my experience of this case you very nearly can. People who like The Locust think that they are completely amazing and can’t get enough of them, and others are either just not too impressed or think that the music is too much of a cacophanous noise and not really any good. I, am a lover. And for that reason, had been looking forward to this moment for a long time: when The Locust played right there in front of me. And ATP gave it to me.

The band jerked through a most affecting, noisy and immense set.

Admittedly I would have preferred to have seen the band in a smaller venue but the intensity still worked. The band jerked through a most affecting, noisy and immense set, offering classic material such as “Armless and Overactive” from recent Ipecac release Safety First, Body Second, and “File Under ‘Soft Core Seizures’” from the band’s last full-length Plague Soundscapes as well as many others.

The band’s sound constanly switches schizophrenically between the two extremes of the loudest, most frenetic, math-grind, to minimal synth noise, remaining (as trademard) distinctively sci-fi throuhout. When loud and active the band are intense, fierce and lurching around insanely, and when quiet they are deadly and eerily still. They are always slightly frightening and unnerving throughout, but somehow their challenging music and presence is not inaccessible by any means, it’s engaging and one hell of a thrill to be in a crowd to.


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