The Krays, Uffie, Sexy Sushi, James Yuill

  • London
  • UK
  • Koko
  • 2011-04-23

The Playground brought some of the top names in French electro to Koko and lived up to its name with a spectacularly crazy performance from Sexy Sushi helped fuel a night of party electro. The Krays of Yuksek and Brodinski, Ed Banger star Uffie and Moshi Moshi’s folktronica act James Yuill took to the stage but it was Sexy Sushi who stamped their mark the hardest at London’s Koko.

!(feature_l)!Arriving to the sounds of James Yuill flitting between guitar, vocals, laptop and mixers, he was keeping the crowd entertained with a mix of powerful 4/4 beats and more flighty moments with his soft vocals. Surrounded on stage by equipment he was not an energetic as the other acts who would follow but ensured the dancefloor were well warmed for Uffie. Dressed in figure-hugging leather trousers with a crazy shock of blonde hair she looked every bit the diva as she strided confidently about the stage before calling on girls from the audience to join her while she sang “The Party”, her hit with electro powerhouse Justice. The female contingent responded by loving every minute and singing along with unbridled joy, while Uffie got so excited she jumped into the crowd to surf thir arms lying on her back. The party was certainly started, though Sexy Sushi took it to the next level with their electro punk set which border on performance art.

Sexy Sushi left their mark on the night, and gave The Playground a birthday performance to remember.

!(feature_l)!The duo of Rebeka Warrior and Mitch Silver took to the stage stood behind microphones with Rebeka holding a wooden cross aloft and singing almost operatice style before Mitch broke from his pose and advanced to the front of the stage where he started a strobe and a rotating red light next to his laptop and proceeded to launch into heavy beats, bursting Rebeka into life. Suddenly they were joined on stage by a whip-wielding man wearing a black Ku Klux Klan mask while at the back of the stage a trio of helpers were peering over a covered table waving severed body parts. Crazy? You bet.

Rebeka seemed unable to control herself when the music was pumping, getting excitable by the minute leading to her jumping onto a monitor and then launching herself into the crowd in true Alice Glass style. When Mitch almost erupted on stage when the filler DJs started playing over him, it looked like Sexy Sushi might turn ugly as speakers were kicked in, a table overturned and the crowd called on stage. Though the audience members looked as though they could get lost in the insanity on stage at any minute, the most fanatical they got was to limbo under Rebeka’s wooden cross, though they might have been more wild had they been on stage when Rebeka went topless save for black tape over her nipples. The bass pounding, Rebeka was a brave girl to take to crowd surfing with so much flesh on display but she seemed unfazed by the hands on her – certainly a confident display that saw a mosh pit erupt and a crowd calling for more. Sexy Sushi left their mark on the night, and gave The Playground a birthday performance to remember.

!(feature_r)!It was hard to follow Sexy Sushi, but The Krays of electro DJs and producers Yuksek and Brodinski were up to the task, playing back-to-back with a blend of uplifting disco and dirty electro bringing the crowd back down to earth with infectious and danceable beats. They looked to be enjoying themselves behind the decks and though no equipment was damaged during their time on stage, they showed great gusto in keeping the audience in the party spirit with a fine performance. The Playground showed great confidence with their booking of Sexy Sushi and, though they semi-mocked the upcoming Royal Wedding by brandishing a tea towel with Kate and Will then proclaiming, “this is your country”, they added an outlandish element to the Easter weekend party.

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