Sunn O)))

  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • Scala
  • 2004-12-07

Without exaggerating at all, this gig was one of the most overwhelming things I have ever experienced in my life. Not really a gig in an ordinary sense though as Sunn O))) are not a band in the ordinary sense either, instead members Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson describe Sunn O))) as being more the sound in the moment than a bunch of people who play songs. In some ways the band could be seen as an ambient doom metal band, finding that glorious meeting point between incredibly heavy noise and minimal soundscapes, as Earth positioned themselves in on Earth 2 and other bands such as Neurosis and the Melvins have found at points. But Sunn O))) just aren’t easily describable as a band of any type of genre but are more an experiment in sound. It’s almost a cliche now how many times I’ve heard of people describe attending Sunn O))) gigs and forever waiting for a riff and the drums to kick in; this gig would have been a long and interesting wait.

…a completely different experience to any band I’ve ever seen before

The set was one hour-and-a-half-long intense and engulfing sub-bass assault with a complete wall of wave after wave of the most down-tuned guitar distortion, accompanied by fuzzy white noise and various affecting sounds and howling screeches. Apparently, and so Sunn O))) have discussed, there are sounds that can be made which create waves actually making the audience levitate, and judging by the similar sensation felt when I closed my eyes for moments at the gig, I can believe this. Sound waves which seemed to vibrate the whole building swelled and rushed in though my feet and then came in through my ears and nose and mouth; a completely different experience to any band I’ve ever seen before. Noise band White House put on a decent support show but Sunn O))) were literally awesome and would have blown away almost any band that had played just before them. I’d imagine this was one the best gigs I will ever go to in my life.

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