• Camber Sands
  • United Kingdom
  • All Tomorrow's Parties
  • 2005-12-02

Subtitle (Giovanni Marks) surmounts the adlib of hip-hop with a infinitisimal array of poetic prose and racey word based rhythms. On stage, Subtitle is alone. However, with so many words fleeing his mouth per minute, one could easily confuse the situation with eyes closed as a meeting of United Nations delegates. He is trigger happy with the proverbial, lyrical revolver; onstage he did not once have to reload or find himself at loss for munition. A futuristic, scientific dialectic is the diaphragm where Subtitle finds his muscular munition of words — the antithesis of the bestial and primal paradigm of those emcees that threat physical violence in their war of words.

…this man thinks alot and thinks good

Standing in front of his live set shall have you listening with open ears as Subtitle confides about this, that and everything. If you can keep up his stupendously speedy raps, then you’ll realise this man thinks alot and thinks good. If you can’t, you’ll still have a great deal of awe for his tireless performance and continous contemplation even as he’s issuing an old thought. Right at the end of the set, a drummer accompanied him for a final bout of thoughts for the audience. Even though I’m not totally sure, I think it was the drummer from Weird War. Whoever it was, they definitely intensified Subtitle’s racey nature some more.

…Subtitle knows what he wants and he knows everything he needs to know about doing it

Whilst watching Subtitle transmogrify sentiment and shape with every single word he spat out, I could see the epitome of lo-fi hip-hop in clear form. I found him as illustrious and provocative as other lo-fi talent — such as Gift of the Gab and Cannibal Ox. With such a clarity in his performance, he is most definitely in this same genus of emcee. And with such a bustling scene of lo-fi emcees, Subtitle is not a lone knight fucked by feudality. He does have a set of similar artists, and although unique in many ways, he is not totally extraneous from the rest. But he is most certainly one of the best in this crowd. With such a grand grip over all aspects of his production — and of course his never boring oration — Subtitle knows what he wants and he knows everything he needs to know about doing it.

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