Rx Bandits / Nurses / Ninja Academy

  • Hollywood, CA
  • United States
  • The Roxy
  • 2006-10-20

This was the second of a two night stint at the Roxy in lieu of the release of the Rx Bandit’s fifth album, …And the Battle Begun, which I recently received the pleasure of reviewing, and to celebrate the band played the new album in it’s entirety. The musicianship was mind-boggling and the crowd was electric, but the predictability of the set list hampered my enjoyment a bit. The Bandits seem to be much more in their element when they’re councing back and forth between their much varied ouevre, which we received a little taste of with an encore of “Overcome” and “Decrescendo” from 2003’s The Resignation. The audience didn’t seem to share my gripes though, going off the wall with energy throughout the entire set, and even beginning the lyrics to the encore before the band returned the stage. I haven’t gotten this sweaty from a show since… well, the last time I saw the Rx Bandits.

Set List:
And the Battle Begun
In Her Drawer
On a Lonely Screen
Only For the Night
One Million Miles an Hour, Fast Asleep
A Mouth Full of Hollow Threats
Tainted Wheat
To Our Unborn Daughters
Crushing Destroyer
Overcome (The Recapitulation)

Openers Ninja Academy played above-average instrumental rock, but their choice of attire (full on ninja gear) gained bonus points. It’s possible that the music wasn’t anything that stood out, but it’s physical impossible to speak ill of cute girls in ninja attire… so much for objective reviewing. The real surprise of the night were Nurses, a four piece band owing as much of it’s sound to Suicide as Elvis Costello, with a little hint of Man Man thrown in as well. The songs in during which lead singer dropped the guitar in favor of the electric piano were the standouts, but the whole set was strong.

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