• London
  • United Kingdom
  • The Forum
  • 2004-12-18

There was heavy anticipation on the way to the Neurosis gig and for a couple of reasons: firstly the gig had the feel of a classic once in a lifetime opportunity, having never seen the band live before and not expecting to see them come to England again; and secondly, on the way to the gig my train drove on to something which became wedged under the front of it, leaving us waiting for ages, after a while being plunged into darkness (albeit being handed glowsticks in some twofold lighting device and comedy consolation move), all the time the clock slowly ticking away, edging towards the forum’s doors time.

…for the next two and a half hours came a doomy onslaught of awesomely apocalyptic post-metal

In the end we made it in good time to queue for ages outside amongst the hoards of European metal fans accumulated for the event, and then get in, sort out a load of beer and have a decent amount of waiting for the band to start, listening to general wisdom and insight: “I heard they’re gonna play Through Silver in Blood stuff” etc. Swelling drones initiated the appearance of the band and for the next two and a half hours came a doomy onslaught of awesomely apocalyptic post-metal. Neurosis’ wealthy back catalogue offered us some of the greatest brutal and torturous epics from albums like Times of Grace, A Sun That Never Sets and, as the big, bearded (obviously) man had reckoned, Through Silver in Blood.

…the band were joined by noise queen Jarboe

On record Neurosis are pretty intense but that was magnified tenfold in the flesh with the band creating an incredibly powerful atmosphere. In the middle of the set the band were joined by noise queen Jarboe, adding her trademark range of evocative vocals with haunting melodies alongside vicious screams, to Neurosis’ ornate moods; the collaboration of these two legends working brilliantly. After about half an hour, Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly returned to vocals and Neurosis’ seminal slow, very loud and very heavy style continued for almost an hour. You know how great a band is when people are so disappointed when they end a two and a half hour set, but for most, Neurosis status was never in question anyway, and it shouldn’t be, if the band can still make albums like The Eye of Every Storm and still play shows like this then they easily deserve the massive respect that they get.

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