Modeselektor, Apparat, Mouse on Mars, Siriusmo

  • London
  • England
  • The Roundhouse
  • 2013-05-17

The Roundhouse hosted a night of highly-respected German electronica imported by Eastern Electrics and Black Atlantic headlined by Berlin-based duo Modeselektor. Fellow Berliners Mouse on Mars, Siriusmo and Apparat provided the support acts, and those who arrived early were treated to three hours of inventive beats before Modeselektor cracked out their classics.

!(feature_l)!A rare performance from Siriusmo kicked off the night, ahead of the release of his second album Enthusiast in June. While his new release is a blend of electro-house and experimental hip-hop, he was at rave stations for the early doors crew at The Roundhouse. As the venue began to fill, many seemed reluctant to get moving and prepared to nod their heads appreciatively while getting their first drinks from the bars with relative ease. A group of fans showed they were enjoying themselves by getting in front of the stage in direct sight from Siriusmo to ensure he knew his efforts were hitting the right notes, including a personal Siriusmo favourite “Idiologie”, and the energy continued into the first live act of the evening: Mouse on Mars.

!(feature_r)!The duo of Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner have had a busy output since their first record Vulvaland in 1994, but there was a long gap between 2006’s Varcharz and last year’s Parastrophics. They’ve come back with a quirky album of increased BPM that makes for a live show full of twisted synths epitomised by “Polaroyced” and the shouty vocalled “They Know Your Name”. The crazy music was coupled with an increasingly intricate projection scrolling up the screen behind them as they feverishly worked away beneath it, by the end they had blasted the gig off into the cosmos.

This band of Berliners played London like it was their own.

!(feature_l)!Apparat followed with a heavy DJ set which featured his own tunes along with a dash of Moderat – his collaboration with
Modeselektor – in the form of the blissfully moody “Rusty Nails”. By now the main space of The Roundhouse was at capacity as Monkeytown t-shirts filled the room and you could sense the anticipation of the final live set of the evening. A huge roar went up as Modeselektor took to the stage and launched into their set full of favourites such as “Kill Bill Vol_4” and “Sucker Pin”. There was a hefty dose of Monkeytown tunes too, including their ode to their hometown “Berlin”, as they whipped up a frenzy of dirty bass and filthy synths. They even got the crowd to sit on the floor ahead of a huge drop which was everyone jump back on their feet – a European rave favourite move – bringing the set to an end with roars of approval.

!(feature_r)!There was more music from Modeselektor, Apparat and Mouse on Mars when they entertained revellers at Shoreditch’s Village Underground for the official afterparty. They all opted for to take a more linear approach when they got behind the decks with 4/4 beats taking over as the party stretched into the early hours. Though solid music for a clubnight, anyone hoping for a repeat of the hits of earlier would have gone home disappointed with just a few getting an airing over the course of the night. But having given so much during the main event at The Roundhouse with near-perfect sets of forward-thinking electronica, they can be forgiven for taking a slightly easier route as the night wore on. This band of Berliners played London like it was their own.

See Modeselektor and Apparat in action at Eastern Electrics Festival this August at Knebworth Park. For tickets and information go to

Images by Sophia Whitfield Photography.

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