Metronomy NME Awards Show

  • London
  • England
  • Heaven
  • 2011-02-01

Electro-pop act Metronomy got the Shockwaves NME Awards Shows off to a cracking start with a headline performance at a sold-out show in London. In the dark arches of Heaven beneath Charing Cross station, the four-piece band’s white lights attached to their chest pulsed in time with their music as they emitted enchanting, bittersweet electronic melodies with an eye on the dancefloor.

An excitable crowd bounced to Metronomy’s music.

Headed up, as ever, by founding member Joseph Mount, he took up a commanding place centre stage flanked by multi-instrumentalist Oscar Cash on his right and bassist Gbenga Adelekan to his left. Drummer Anna Prior sat behind, but her position at the back belied her vital presence as the metronome to Metronomy’s varying pace throughout the gig. While Mount and Cash play on keyboards, guitar and saxophone, Prior’s rhythms evolved from slow, meandering beats to more frenetic dance-laden percussive attacks as an excitable crowd bounced to their music.

The emergency of “Holiday” and the quaint sounds of “A Thing for Me” couldn’t match “Heartbreaker” which brought the biggest cheers, it’s gentle vibe reminiscent of Hot Chip. Mount’s tender and often melancholy vocals are transformed on stage as part of a compelling live act bursting with energy. It’s no wonder they’ve become such hot property and with a third album on the way this year, be sure to see them on tour in April.

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