Little Comets

  • Birmingham
  • United Kingdom
  • o2 Academy
  • 2009-10-23

Birmingham’s o2 Academy may still be shiny and new on the outside, but inside after a month’s worth of gigs and club nights, the spacious venue already has sticky carpets. They would prove to be a hindrance as Newcastle’s indie quartet Little Comets took to the large but not overpowering stage. With drummer Mark Harle secluded at the back, bassist Matt Hall, guitarist Michael Coles and vocalist/guitarist Robert Coles spanned the front of stage with only a strings worth of percussion between them and the audience. An interesting setup, especially given Michael’s interesting percussion instrument of choice — a saucepan!

The Newcastle lads did not let the fact that on the whole they are still widely unknown put them off as they kicked off proceedings with stomping debut single “Adultery”. The riotous delivery of the stomping anthem whipped the audience into an early frenzy and it was clear that by the end of the night, the fringed boys would leave the audience wanting more.

Robert’s vocal clarity sent shivers down the spine.

With the audience tight in the palm of their hands, Robert apologised for their apparently indecipherable accents before stomping out a few more killer tunes. Halfway through, Robert put a stop to proceedings to talk about love. Having more than proved that they know how to rock out, the Little Comets wanted to show how to reign it all back in again. The scorching ballad “Her Black Eyes” was consummately delivered. Robert’s vocal clarity sent shivers down the spine, with his rich smooth vocal proving that he is one of the most interesting and versatile vocals on the circuit at the moment.

After the brief foray into smooch territory, the Little Comets wanted to end the way they had started. It was after all a Friday night and everybody knows that Friday nights are for dancing! Notching it up a gear and making use of the appropriately placed percussion (including Michael on a very skilful saucepan!) their closing romp of “One Night In October” and “Dancing Song” had both band and audience jumping like crazy. Robert made the most of a good thing and got into full on rock star impersonation mode and seemed to be thrilled at the audience’s reaction. As “Dancing Song” drew the set to a close, the crowd roared for the likeable lads of the Little Comets.

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