Johnny Truant / Beyond All Reason / Blood Roses

  • Southampton
  • United Kingdom
  • Joiners
  • 2005-11-28

Tonight’s first two-acts definitely shared a love of and place within the British melodic metal canon. Blood Roses tore through a set of palm-muted heavy riffs augmented by vocal harmonies – the vocals made more impressive for the fact that singer Pat could actually hardly speak with his throat having taken the full strain of this tour. Moving smoothly between the melodic sections and the more intense heavy parts Blood Roses showed off rocking and easily accessible tunes.

Venno’s distinctive style of high-end vocals at some points reach impressive glam heights

Beyond All Reason sit perfectly between the emo-metal of Funeral For A Friend and the melodic stadium metal of Def Leppard and Iron Maiden. They tear through a lot of material off the recent album Words of Betrayal starting with “Love-Crossed Pistols” and moving straight into “This is My Last Lie” with its killer riff. Singer Venno’s distinctive style of high-end vocals at some points reach impressive glam heights, sitting perfectly next to the harmonising guitars. Throughout the set the band, especially the singer, strike glam-metal pose and put out a good performance in support of the album, showcasing their specific style – their unobvious chord progressions giving them a different edge.

Most people had made it down to the Joiners to see Johnny Truant though, and they were not goint to be dissappointed. One of the spearheads of the New-New-Wave of British Havy Metal, the band have built up a large following and cemented their reputation with the powerful bludgeoning of recently released second album In The Library of Horrific Events.

the powerhouse metal storm of “The Bloodening”

The recent addition of a second guitarist bolstered the force of the music, added more to the already forceful atack of the live sound. Starting with a fattened-up metal version of the more introspective “Vultures” before fully announcing their arrival by blasting into the frenetic “A Day in the Death” the new album tracks were impressively performed in the live show, and gained a whole extra intensity and loudness. The move between slower, crunching heaviness and aggressive blasts, along with breakdowns to big riffs and metal stabs both throughout individual songs and the whole set made for an awesome gig. Powerful renditions of new album classics like “Vampire Feeding Frenzy” and “Necropolis Junction” along with first album The Repercussions of a Badly Planned Suicide favourite “I Am The Primitologist Mr Robert Sapolsky” pleased the crowd and built the set up perfectly to its end – the powerhouse metal storm of “The Bloodening”. Decent.

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