Grafton Primary

  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • Cargo
  • 2009-06-15

A frontman sporting a mullet haircut and wearing black leather trousers held up by red dungarees and a rhythem-maker powering out the hooks on a keytar make for a entertaining pair just to look at performing on stage; backed by an impressively tight drummer they sound just as good. Australians Grafton Primary follow up successful attempts by countrymen Pendulum and the Sneaky Sound System to break into the UK and judging by their debut performance at London’s Cargo, they have the spirit, the energy and the music to follow in their footsteps.

Brothers Joshua (vocals) and Benjamin Garden (synths/keytar), together with drummer Robbie Mudrazija, make for a trio who revel in their electro pop. Showing no signs of jetlag and keen to showcase debut album Eon on the live stage ahead of its UK release in July, their simple but effective synth hooks and strong vocals soon saw the crowd getting into the music of an act sounding a lot like if Gary Numan had opted for a more chart-friendly electro style.

They have every chance to be as popular here as their native country.

A clutch of clear fans grouped at the front, dancing away to their catchy tracks such as “Records for the Righteous” and “SOS Hello”, while the rest of Cargo looked on intriguingly. Their upbeat stylings are easy to groove to and they make for an interesting trio to watch — especially when Ben whipped out the keytar. He bashed the keys with a look of joy on his face: it’s not often you get to see one incorporated in any genre these days — Grafton Primary pulled it off and made the smiles on the faces of the crowd grow wider. They aren’t a name on too many people’s lips just yet, but with an album out next month and a successful first show in the UK which showed they are a tight act capable of getting a dancefloor moving, they have every chance to be as popular here as their native country.

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