Glitch Mob

  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • Electric Brixton
  • 2011-11-05

Glitch Mob operate in the space between electronic and organic; they face their samplers, controllers and percussion out to the crowd. They want you to know that they’re playing the melodies and are actively creating the sounds they produce.The moments in which all three of them are whittling away in cahoots are their most transcendent but usually one of the trio takes the lead while the others bounce around the stage.

These three guys from Los Angeles have been plying their trade for a good while now and they’ve nestled into a distinctive space. Most of the beats are slower, stomping, four-on-the-floor heaviness with electro tones and a patently hip-hop vibe. The style is slick, well-produced, and mid-centric but their best moments come when they break from type and and dirty it up a little bit. They’re very creative and keep moving through highly varying aesthetics. There are nods to most relevant styles of electronic music during the last twenty years in their tracks.

The style is slick, well-produced, and mid-centric, but their best moments come when they break from type and and dirty it up a little bit.

They are definitely keen students of music and very aware of their context within the larger electronic music world. They make measured references to their influences with a central emphasis of electro and modern hip-hop. They’re not as heavy on the glitch as their name would suggest, though. They have a shiny and polished aesthetic that is poppy, upbeat and user-friendly. There is a lot of mainstream appeal here as pop producers and as an electronic live act.

The crowd at Electric Brixton ballroom was heaving, despite it being in a distinctly non-rave setting. The mob have attained mastery at keeping everyone bouncing and it seems that they have the talent and nous to maintain their upward trajectory.

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