Electric Deluxe featuring Speedy J

  • London
  • England
  • Electric Brixton
  • 2012-04-28

Speedy J’s “Electric Deluxe Presents” techno party touched down in London at Electric Brixton at the weekend with a resounding boom. The label boss brought with him the sounds of Berlin’s infamous Berghain club with Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler and a live set from Sandwell District for a night of forward-thinking techno.

Dettmann and Fengler were keen to give revellers a taste of German techno as the pair signed to Ostgut Ton Records pounded the dancefloor with deep and dark 4/4 beats. A packed Electric was already getting lively and the solid soundsystem was ensuring they felt every beat. Dettmann’s pace owed much to the relentless marathon sets he often gets to indulge in at Berghain, but it was Speedy J who proved to be the star attraction.

Speedy J’s loops and trickery whipped up whoops from the crowd.

His loops and trickery whipped up whoops from the crowd as he snuck basslines away, ramped up the synths and high hats, then dropped them back to delirious effect. It’s a tried and tested style that he’s mastered to perfection while also retaining plenty of surprises to keep the zest to his shows. Sandwell District, aka Regis and Function, stepped up to round off the evening with their own industrial techno that is also a firm favourite at Berghain. A solid party crowd made for an excellent atmosphere right through the night, and Speedy J can be sure Electric Deluxe would be very welcome back in London soon.

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