Crazy P

  • London
  • England
  • Oval Space
  • 2014-11-27

Crazy P brought new tunes never heard before to their live set at East London’s Oval Space, but it was their tried and tested classics that resonated the most with the lively crowd. The five-piece group have plenty of house and disco grooves to get through a full set with no complaints from fans, so it was a brave move to showcase their fresh material before they had been given an airing to the public. Though it didn’t quite pay off with a rousing welcome for their latest offering, the statuesque stage presence of singer Danielle Moore combined with many of their favourite hits, ensured there was plenty to enjoy.

Crazy P exploded into life with three crowd favourites including “Changes” sending arms into the air. Danielle was strutting confidently around the stage in an all-in-one jumpsuit, and the energy was infectious. There was a bustling dancefloor down at the front, yet after three of their most famous tunes, Danielle addressed the crowd to tell us they would be shifting the focus onto new songs we hadn’t heard before. She promised to have a sprinkling of the old amongst the new, and asked us to give the set the thumbs up or down accordingly. Undertandably the new material struggled to make an instant impact given no one had been able to get to know the hooks or lyrics, however Crazy P seem to be shifting to a deep house vibe with seemed to take Oval Space by surprise.

While everything Crazy P played was very danceable, the difference between the reaction to perhaps their biggest hit “Heartbreaker” or “Open for Service” compared to the previously-unheard offerings was palpable. “Heartbreaker”, performed with just the four musicians on stage while Danielle left it to a sampler to provide the vocals, was a highlight of a mid-section of the set which couldn’t keep up the pace of the start. The band found top gear for the end, and the energy returned to the room, so it was not a lost cause for Crazy P’s blend of old and new: they just need to give us some time to get in a good listen of the new album when it is released before the next tour. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for effort – they were delightful to watch.

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