Cosmo Jarvis

  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • Hoxton Underbelly
  • 2009-11-03

“I’ve got a really bad throat” declared a rather gruff voiced Cosmo Jarvis as he started his set with the crowd pleasing “You Got Your Head”. The seemingly shy Jarvis then launched into action, the crowd swelled and many shoulders were shuffling and heads were bopping. The clearly effected spoken voice appeared to be the only victim of the dreaded lurgy, allowing Cosmo to impress with his crisp clean serenade. Briefly clarifying that he was no longer the naive 18 year old he was when he wrote it, “Clean My Room” bumped along and kept the crowd interesting.

Deserves a place at the starting block of exciting artists for 2010.

However, things didn’t stay bright and breezy for long. Whether it was the cold-ridden vocal or the seeming lack of energy, once Jarvis moved into the talk/rap section the initial spark was lost. With words not quite fitting the rhythm and a lack of the comedy timing found on the record, “Talking Song” and current single “Problems” sank hard and fast.

Jarvis continued unperturbed, demonstrating a hardiness as a live performer to close the set with a blindingly rocked up rendition of “Jesus” and an inspired “Gay Pirates”. Initially forgetting the words to “Gay Pirates”, Jarvis was rescued by an audience member shouting out lyrics for him. The comic timing of the ode to his lover Sebastian is challenging indie pop at its finest, allowing Jarvis a brief moment to demonstrate to his still appreciative crowd just why he deserves a place at the starting block of exciting artists for 2010.

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