Calvin Harris

  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • The Roundhouse
  • 2009-07-18

Having made it “Acceptable In The 80s”, Calvin Harris ensured his place at the forefront of the British music scene. A notable producer, with Kylie Minogue’s X amongst his credits — and almost more noteworthy, the rejection of current pop darling Lady Gaga. Harris is all set to release his second album, but first he must prove that he “created Disco”.

Luckily for him, support act Miike Snow didn’t really hit the right note with the anticipatory audience. Only as they drew to a close was their any level of recognition from a patient public. As Harris took the stage, it was apparent that perhaps perfection would once again have to be waited for. Harris had “eaten a dodgy egg sandwich three days ago” and so was not feeling at his peak. This did not stop him from “jumping up and down” or instructing his audience at every opportunity to “go off”.

“Those of you who know me well know I’m not the best singer.” The charming Scot is at least honest, but apologising after only one song — a lacklustre “Merrymaking At My Place” is never a good sign. There were some highlights, a very pleasing “Vegas” and the inevitable crowd pleaser “The Girls”. Equally, there were the disappointments. Neglecting to sing one of his biggest hits “Acceptable In The 80s”, the audience were made to sing the lyrics instead. Harris himself managed all of two songs.

Maybe Harris should just stick to producing and not performing.

Harris may be a super producer, his catalogue speaks volumes but on stage he casts a smaller figure. The praise should be heaped on his hard working backing band, it appeared all he was in control of was the claps and mixing. Though on command he did manage to get the audience moving, for a large part there was as limited a reaction as Miike Snow had earlier received. I also found myself as the gig went on, moving further and further forward as people left early, which is never a good sign. The saddest part of the whole affair came at the end. When Harris performed his biggest hit to date, “I’m Not Alone”, his true genius could be seen, however to a degree by this point he was indeed alone. Thankfully, the crowd that was left went wild as Harris finally proved himself to be praiseworthy.

As the song drew to a close, the rest of the audience started to leave. There were no calls of “encore” or “Harris! Harris!” as the only slightly sweaty crowd made their way through the exit doors.

All in all, a lacklustre generic passable performance from a man many have come to expect much more from. Perhaps illness blighted the normally charismatic Harris, or maybe Harris should just stick to producing and not performing.

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