Beecher / Architects

  • Southampton
  • United Kingdom
  • Joiners
  • 2005-11-24

Brighton’s Architects have just signed to In at The Deep-End Records (who put out main act Beecher’s debut record) and this show at the Joiners is the opening night on their first major tour – soon to be followed by their first album in the new year. Those who have managed to catch them before or heard a copy of their two-track demo will be exited at this prospect – this band are an impressive new talent.

Although it is possible to determine influences or make comparisons, Architects stand on their own ten feet as a distinctly great band. They are metallic-hardcore with the noise and power of The Red Chord, the passion and range of Converge and showing off the technical ability of Dillinger Escape Plan. Blistering double-kicks drive behind the thrashing riffs of the twin guitars and bass, and growling vocals fatten and add to the already incredibly heavy sound. Tonight the recently-added new bassist fits in and performs perfectly alongside the rest of the group who are certainly a very tight unit, their timing and togetherness impeccable. Both of the demo-cd’s tracks are played, as well as other material, some more new, hinting at the forthcoming album’s potential.

tonight, they are pure metal

Following Architects and taking the headline slot on this tour were Beecher, out on the road following the release of their latest album This Elegy, His Autopsy (released in September on Earache). When Beecher first arrived years ago they were championed for their blend of metal, melody and electronics. Nowadays all of these factors remain in some form but at least in the live act, or at least tonight, they are pure metal – the more emotional moments being swallowed up within the onslaught of noise.

Metal gigs are cathartic and its great to get caught up in the distorted waves but Beecher do offer more of interest as well in their hardcore punk/thrashy metalcore sound. In general the band are more captivating than others beacuse they write decent songs. Like Architects, they do have some fairly easily made comparisons, and to similar bands as well, but also like their support they still stand out, being so much better than a lot of the commercial drivel or lightness that’s around. The live presence was impressive as well adding to the power of the performance. Overall a healthy dose of hardcore was offered with several tracks off the new album played as well as older ones including tracks from Breaking the Fourth Wall. At one point the Beecher frontman discussed how the tour could only go up from its low start but he meant this geographically – this was a storming opening for both bands.

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