A Night With... Xpress2

  • London
  • England
  • Basing House
  • 2012-04-21

House duo Darren ‘Diesel’ House and Darren Rock ‘Rocky’, better known as Xpress2, got behind the decks for the latest A Night With… session at London’s Basing House. Putting them in control of eight hours of music gave them the chance to treat the dancefloor to all of their influences, spanning the acid house of the 1990s to the more collaborative nature of their recent endeavors which has helped them evolve beyond purely house beats into deeper, techy or more disco stylings.

Xpress2 rounded off their marathon set in a blissed-out manner befitting of the Ibiza terraces.

When you’re spending eight hours listening to one dance act, Basing House makes you feel welcome. An intimate venue in the heartland of trendy Shoreditch, its previous incarnation as a trashy club hosting raucous electro parties has been stripped back to basics with enhanced sound, one of the best lasers in the capital and more of a classy mansion basement styling that provides an environment befitting of its policy of quality music backed up by a top soundsystem. Xpress2 added the zest tonight as they worked the crowd effectively – although I arrived late into their set, there was still plenty of energy left in the room and even more love for their house sounds.

The A Night With… installments tend to unite a crowd like they were at a house party hosted by the DJs and the response from the Basing House revelers echoed that sentiment. The Timo Maas remix of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” and Xpress2’s biggest chart hit “Lazy” rounded off their marathon set in a blissed-out manner befitting of the Ibiza terraces Diesel and Rocky discovered their love of music. The vocals clearly brought back memories to the still-sizable crowd of those who would not leave until their favourite DJs had played the last second of their last song. Some mouthed the words, a few sang them, but arms were raised first in appreciation and then to applause as the lights came on. “Thank you so much”, Xpress2 said. The approval was well deserved.

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