Nicky Rubin

  • Nicky Rubin
  • 2016-02-21

Global citizen Nicky Rubin is an international alternative singer-songwriter and performer. We caught up with Nicky to find out more about his musical journey.

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American Young

  • American Young
  • 2016-02-21

New country duo American Young is made up of Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson. We caught up with them to find out more.

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Earth is Flat

  • Earth is Flat
  • 2016-02-17

Polish electronic-dub, production and turntablist duo Earth Is Flat make music by combining raw sounds, field recordings, instruments and vocals.

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Jordan Morris

  • Jordan Morris
  • 2016-01-05

We speak to Jordan Morris ahead of the release of debut EP Discovery.

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  • LewRey
  • 2016-01-04

We caught up with LewRey to find out more about their formation and goals for 2016 as they get set to release single ‘Somebody’.

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Dave Hanson

  • Dave Hanson
  • 2015-12-20

Dave Hanson has left band The Dunwells and gone solo. Armed with EP ‘Blind Faith’, he’s opted for a laid back blues sound with a lead single of soulful acoustic music. We caught up with Dave to find out more about why he left The Dunwells and what’s in store for fans now.

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Isaiah Dreads

  • Isaiah Dreads
  • 2015-12-15

We caught up with Dorset MC Isaiah Dreads to find out more about his new mixtape.

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Kyle Lettman

  • Kyle Lettman
  • 2015-11-28

Former FDM bandmember Kyle Lettman has just released his second EP Underconstruction which takes memorable elements of his past to construct the future. We caught up with Kyle to find out more about his solo career.

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Remaking Retrograde

  • Groenland
  • 2015-11-25

Montreal-based indie pop group Groenland are in the ascent. Following the release of debut album The Chase, nominations for Pop Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards and Pop Group of the Year at SiriusXM Indie Awards, plus an extensive tour, they’ve recorded a cover of James Blake song ‘Retrograde’. We caught up with lead singer Sabrina Halde to find out why the band chose ‘Retorgrade’ to cover.

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Road to Bugged Out Weekender 2016: Jonas Rathsman

  • Jonas Rathsman
  • 2015-11-23

We caught up with Jonas Rathsman to find out more about touring with five pals as French Express, the defining moment for his productions and why Bugged Out Weekender is a crazy festival he’s excited to go back to in January 2016.

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From club night to festival series: the evolution of Found

  • James Benenson
  • 2015-11-15

Found Director James Benenson, who had been with the brand since its beginnings hosting nights at Vauxhall’s now defunct Hidden in 2011, looks back over pitching up at four of London’s parks and inviting thousands of revellers to party as he leaves the festival brand to return to the Urban Nerds youth marketing agency he helped start in 2007.

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Tom Clay

  • Tom Clay
  • 2015-11-13

Singer-songwriter Tom Clay is the Flight Brigade bass player looking to make a name for himself as a solo artist. He’s been in the studio this year and hopes to have live dates soon. We caught up with Tom, who has a claim to fame of being Robert Carlyle’s hand double in 28 Weeks later.

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MC Coco

  • MC Coco
  • 2015-10-29

Sheffield grime MC Coco followed up debut single “Target Practice” with a second tune produced by Toddla T: “Big Bou Yah”. A blend of dub and reggae roots, it’s out now on his label Girls Music. The veteran MC appeared at Notting Hill Carnival on the Toddla T Sound System alongside Sean Paul, Julio Bashmore and Lady Leshurr; he also made his debut on the white isle when he played Ibiza Rocks! We caught up with Coco to find out more about his career so far.

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Mo Kenney

  • Mo Kenney
  • 2015-10-10

Mo Kenney is about to release second album In My Dreams in the UK, already recognised in Canada for an East Coast Music Award for Pop Recording of the Year. We caught up with Mo to find out more about her career so far.

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Conor Coughlan

  • Conor Coughlan
  • 2015-10-08

Conor Coughlan is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter is about to see his new album Give It Up hit shelves across the UK. Born in Essex, raised in North America during his teens and now in London signed to Homewood Music Collective, we caught up with Conor to find out more about his acoustic rock and when he was compared to Ray Charles.

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Rhoda Dakar resurrects The Bodysnatchers

  • The Bodysnatchers
  • 2015-09-29

36 years after Rhoda Dakar joined The Bodysnatchers via Shane McGowan introducing her to bassist Nicky Summers, she’s pulled together a all-star cast to record ‘the lost 2 Tone album’

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Lady Lykez wants to chat

  • Lady Lykez
  • 2015-09-28

Fresh from becoming the first female MC to compete in Lord of the Mics, Lady Lykez is lining up a release for new tune “Chat 2 Your Man”. It’s about women sticking together, and features her fast-paced flow that has led to her being compared to Busta Rhymes. We caught up with Lady Lykez to find out more about her history, new tune and the Female Takeover tour with Melody Kane.

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A busker's life

  • Symon With a Y
  • 2015-09-23

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and busker Symon With a Y hails from London and can be heard playing original music and re-worked cover songs on its streets. His soulful country, folk and blues offers enjoayable melodies, particularly on new single “Cherry Tree” out on Friday, September 25th. We caught up with Symon to find out more about his nomadic performing.

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Working class heroes Thee Deadtime Philharmonic

  • Thee Deadtime Philharmonic
  • 2015-09-15

Thee Deadtime Philharmonic manifesto reads: “They are the they, the them. The dispossessed. The disillusioned. The bastard sons… the single mums. Filed under scum. Deadtime cannot and will not be part of a scene or genre.”

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Getting to know DI

  • DI
  • 2015-08-17

Mysterious London-based singer/producer DI releases her first single “All I Know” on Friday, August 21st. Blending EDM and deep house with a paino melody, it marks the start for the unknown artist who is a huge devotee of David Bowie. In a bid to find out more about DI, we took her to one side for a quick interview.

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Ikes puts his inside out

  • Ikes
  • 2015-08-12

Ikes is about to drop his Outside:In project. His cinematic offering was directed by Olan Collardy and inspired by the popular British crime drama series Luther. In the film, Ikes is forced to make the tough decision of killing his former self in order to evolve into something entirely different. We caught up with Ikes to find out a little more about where he gets his inspiration from.

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The dreamy acoustic ambiance of Son of the Wind

  • Son of the Wind
  • 2015-07-09

Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Son of the Wind, aka Smári Tarfur Jósepsson, makes guitar-led ambiant acoustic music with a dreamy atmosphere. We sought out the free-spirited composer to find out where he gets his inspiration from.

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