• Reema
  • 2018-02-21

We speak to singer-songwriter Reema about getting into music, collaborations and her new single.

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Sarah Téibo

  • Sarah Téibo
  • 2018-02-21

We speak to Sarah Téibo about writing music, winning awards and her latest work.

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  • 2018-02-21

We speak to TALMA about their latest single ‘In Cirles’, a taster for EP ‘About Out To Sea’.

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Catching up with Derek Piotr

  • Catching up with Derek Piotr
  • 2018-02-18

We caught up with Polish producer and composer Piotr about his work in the 18 months since we last interviewed him.

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  • RubēHill
  • 2018-02-18

We speak to Alex Stavropoulos-Laurie about RubēHill, a music project named after the main character in Flannery O’Connor’s A Stroke of Good Fortune.

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  • Vrillon
  • 2018-02-16

We spoke to Vrillon about their approach to writing music and what their single ‘Find You’ is all about.

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Yemi Alade

  • Yemi Alade
  • 2018-02-12

We spoke to multi-award winning Yemi Alade about her career and latest release ‘Go Down’.

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  • RIPL
  • 2018-02-08

We chat to RIPL about moving to Scotland, writing music and shaking up the image of singer/songwirters.

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  • Kritz93
  • 2018-02-06

We spoke to Kritz93 as he looks to build on his team up wit E. Mak, ‘Woah’, getting picked by DJ Target as a Targo Embargo on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

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  • Papaphone
  • 2018-02-04

We speak to Papaphone about his career so far and plans for 2018 on the back of the release of the video for single ‘Forever Be’.

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Theo Kottis

  • Theo Kottis
  • 2018-02-01

We speak to Edinburgh-born Theo Kottis about his music and playing at the seminal London club fabric.

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Poppy Ackroyd

  • Poppy Ackroyd
  • 2018-01-30

We speak to classically-trained Poppy Ackroyd about her career so far and latest full-length, Resolve.

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  • Steig
  • 2018-01-25

We speak to Steig about his influences, writing music and eponymous debut album.

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Sub Blue

  • Sub Blue
  • 2018-01-25

We speak to the Merseyside-based Sub Blue about making chilled out, introspective R&B dubbed ‘suburban blues’.

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Heavy Lungs

  • Heavy Lungs
  • 2018-01-24

We speak to Oli, guairat player for Bristol punk band Heavy Lungs about their style and what it means to be involved with The Joe Strummer Foundation.

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  • Bassboy
  • 2018-01-15

We spoke to Bassboy about his 2017 which saw the release of Bassline Collection Vol 2 and Badboy EP, plus plans for 2018.

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Michael Jablonka

  • Michael Jablonka
  • 2018-01-06

We speak to Michael Jablonka about his career so far and latest release ‘I Found You’.

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Uncanny Valley

  • Uncanny Valley
  • 2018-01-04

We speak to London outfit Uncanny Valley about their debut EP Chain Store.

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Nath Bravo

  • Nath Bravo
  • 2018-01-04

Armed with new, four-track EP ‘Shadowman’, we caught up with Nath Bravo to find out more about her.

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Dancing on Tables

  • Dancing on Tables
  • 2017-12-21

We spoke to Dancing on Tables frontman Robbie about their development and new single ‘OH’.

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Richard James Simpson

  • Richard James Simpson
  • 2017-12-19

We spoke to Richard James Simpson about his debut album ‘Sweet Birds of Youth’.

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  • Mauro
  • 2017-12-19

We spoke to New York-based tenor singer Mauro about his career so far and anthem ‘Dubstep Heart’.

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Bad Mannequins

  • Bad Mannequins
  • 2017-12-18

We speak to Glasgow duo Bad Mannequins about the first taste of the second instalment of their EP trilogy with the release of ‘Double Denim’.

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The Pxrtals

  • The Pxrtals
  • 2017-12-14

We speak to French Canadian painter and musician Lévi Soulodre about his music project The Pxrtals.

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