Sannie Carlson

  • Sannie Carlson (a.k.a Whigfield)
  • 2009-11-05

Sannie Carlson may not be a name you all recognise. Sannie had studied music before becoming a successful model. A chance meeting with producer Larry Pignagnoli transformed the 23-year-old Dane’s life forever. He decided to rename the pretty blonde Whigfield and launched her with the song Saturday Night in 1993. The song became a phenomenon, with Whigfield become the first non-UK or US act to debut at number one in the UK Top 40. Far from a one-hit-wonder, Whigfield has notched up an impressive five albums with Sannie balancing her work as a performer with songwriting. zap! bang! jumped at the chance to speak to the 90s icon about then and now.

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Love Revue

  • Daniel Hart
  • 2009-11-02

Singer/Songwriter Daniel Hart saw his group Love Revue’s popularity jump when they won the Samsung £400 ‘Share’ Campaign with “Soothe My Soul”. The London-based performers suddenly saw themselves launched into the realms of national radio. Undeterred, they set about recording and releasing their debut album Love Revue — a 70s inspired radio friendly collection — and have teamed up with Swedish songstress Therese and the BBC introduced The Fuel for their UK tour. zap! bang! grabbed a few moments with Daniel Hart to find out more…

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  • Odette
  • 2009-11-02

Roman Odette is no stranger music. The Italian singer/songwriter started playing piano aged five, was a soprano soloist at nine, went to jazz school at 15, joined a rock band at 16 then a girlband at 19. The girlband, Jungle Gardenia, got signed but never released a record. Her first solo attempts also failed to see the light of day – big names were interested but never delivered on promises. Disillusioned, Odette did a Masters in New York and become an MTV Executive. But the business side of the music business didn’t light her flame. Motherhood bought her time out and Odette got back into writing and recording. zap! bang! took to chance to find if the independent Odette can make it third time lucky…

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Charlie Winston

  • Charlie Winston
  • 2009-10-29

“I don’t drink it all the time, just a couple a day. It lasts in your body quite a long time.” Charlie Winston arrives at the interview dressed in his eccentric English Gentleman garb, complete with the ever-present Trilby with what appears to be a double shot espresso. Before the interview starts, Charlie assures me that coffee isn’t his way through touring. “Caffeine withdraws on your adrenaline system. Sleep and water, well oxygen, what they do is recharge the system, so if you don’t have enough sleep or enough oxygen in your body then your body can’t produce adrenaline that the coffee instigates. so that’s why sometimes when you drink coffee when you are tired it just makes you more tired.”
With the coffee talk (and the coffee) drawn to a close, Charlie relaxes in his seat and takes a breather from his busy touring schedule. Charlie is not the new overnight sensation, he has been touring for several years – be that as a solo artist or simply playing bass for his already popular brother Tom Baxter (both Tom and Charlie use their middle names as stage surnames — their real surname is Gleave).

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Robert Coles

  • Little Comets
  • 2009-10-23

Newcastle quartet Little Comets started making waves as the trio Freerunner. Formed of brothers Mickey and Robert, alongside their equally musical mates Matt and Mark, Little Comets are about to land all over the UK. Not only can the dynamic troupe be found supporting both Hockey and The Noisettes on tour, but also the lads are prone to impromptu one-off performances anywhere and everywhere. zap! bang! took a moment to speak to lead singer and guitarist Robert Coles about “Adultery” and guerrilla gigging.

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Stephen Bowman

  • Blake
  • 2009-10-20

The internet has proved itself time and again to be the new place to be seen and heard. From Esmee Denters to the Arctic Monkeys, it seems that everyone is doing it. Classic boyband Blake are no exception; having been formed through Facebook, the quartet became an overnight sensation back in 2007 with debut album Blake storming to the top of the classical charts. Three years later, Blake have parted ways with Universal and changed line-up via Twitter. zap! bang! spoke to bass-baritone Stephen Bowman about their first independent release Together.

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Sondre Lerche

  • Sondre Lerche
  • 2009-10-19

Sondre Lerche may not be a known name in the UK, but the 27-year-old Norwegian singer/songwriter has more than proved his worth on a global scale: 2002’s Faces Down even made the Rolling Stones Top 50 Albums of 2002 list! Now that the chirpy chappy has conquered the States, he is wanting to try his luck on this side of the pond. Bringing with him his guitar, Lerche is ready to unleash Heartbeat Radio (album number six) on the British public. zap! bang! grabbed a few minutes to find out what took him so long.

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Jon Middleton

  • Jon & Roy
  • 2009-10-14

The world of the television advert and the chart hit have often collided in the past. With the likes of The Noisettes, The Bellamy Brothers, Chairlift and even Babylon Zoo having already reaped their reward (i.e. the top 10 hits), Canadian trio ‘Jon and Roy’ jumped at the chance when VW asked to feature their sleeper hit “Another Noon’ in their new advert. Having released debut album Sittin’ Back (as a duo)in 2005, the boys took a break for solo outings before joining forced with additional member Ryan Tonnelli for new album Another Noon.__zap! bang! grabbed a moment with vocalist/guitarist Jon Middleton to find out about Canada’s newest exports.

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Nathan Nicholson

  • The Boxer Rebellion
  • 2009-09-17

Late July saw HMV make a groundbreaking step forward in the world of the music retailer. Having paid interest in the multi-national The Boxer Rebellion, they retailer stepped forward to help with promotional and production costs of the groups much-awaited second album Union. Having been signed way back in 2003, after a sensational reception at Glastonbury, The Boxer Rebellion have had a rocky ride in the business that is show. However, the band’s sheer determination has seen them through and Union is the fruit of four years hard work. HMV clearly think the product was well worth the wait, but now it is time to see if the public agree. zap! bang! took a moment to talk to lead singer, guitarist and keyboard played Nathan Nicholson about the long and winding road that has lead to such a monumental collaboration.

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Imogen Heap

  • Imogen Heap
  • 2009-08-14

The sun is shining gloriously, perhaps summer has finally arrived. It’s making me smile as I make the call to the “Queen of Do-it-yourself” Imogen Heap. First attempt, the line is busy, so I try again. Thankfully this time I get through. She is bright and friendly, much lovelier than I had expected. After no messing around, we do only have 20 minutes to conduct the whole interview; we shimmy past the formalities and strike up a conversation about life, success and dreams. “I think the secret is that it attracts people who want to do music for a living. I don’t think there was anywhere else in England at the time that did that sort of thing. I went in it’s second year and it was still very much trying to find its feet. Its partly funded by the music industry, the BMI and so there is this sort of knowledge that it is where people go if they want to do well. They are well connected.” Heap is one of the Brit School’s earlier success stories. Having gone at a time when there were few alternatives, she thrived on being able to live out her musical ambitions. It doesn’t take much thinking time before she reveals a liking for “Amy Winehouse. She really feels the music. I hope God willing she will be able to keep going for a long time. The Brit school gets its fair share of celebrity wannabes, but you can tell that she really feels the music.”

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Speech Debelle

  • Speech Debelle
  • 2009-08-03

26 year old South London rapper Speech Debelle may not have had the easiest of upbringings, but she has not let that hold her back. Instead of bottling up her issues, Speech decided instead to hook up with some musicians and write some frankly honest tunes. Debut album Speech Therapy may be one of the surprise nominations at this year’s Mercurys but upon listening to the softly spoken heartfelt revelations, it is immediately evident how she warranted selection. Speech may not be a name everyone knows at the moment, but current evidence suggests she deserves to be. zap! bang! decided to take a few minutes to find out more about the girl whose name everyone will soon be dropping.

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Ross McNae

  • Twin Atlantic
  • 2009-07-24

Cross-breeding is fairly common place at the start of a band’s life. Therefore it is not a surprise then to hear that the latest Glaswegian indie kids Twin Atlantic have all been heard in different bands before. Formed in 2007, lead vocalist/guitarist Sam McTrusty (Arca Felix), bassist/pianist Ross McNae (LongStoryShort), guitarist/cellist Barry McKenna (Think:Fire) and drummer Craig Kneale (In Ernest), the foursome appear to have made a wise decision in ditching their formative bands. Twin Atlantic appear all set to follow in fellow Glaswegian rockers footsteps by hitting the bigtime. Having already supported the likes of The Subways, Biffy Clyro, You Me At Six, Funeral for a Friend and Lostprophets it seems that 2009 will see them finally having their moment in the spotlight. John Travis (Sugar Ray, Kid Rosck, Static X) produced debut mini-album Vivarium is all set for a September release, with the eye-wellingly beautiful “Lightspeed” and stomping lead single “You’re Turning Into John Wayne” already winning over many a heart. zap! bang! took a moment to find out more from Ross McNae.

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Yarden Tsur

  • Yarden Tsur
  • 2009-07-19

“I’m a big big girl, in a big big world”, those were the lyrics to Emilia’s lullaby that took the world by storm a decade ago. Now, a young Israeli girl named Yarden hopes to do the same. Her songs however carry a message; it is not that she believes her songs alone will change the world, but maybe they will do a little to help.

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Ben Falinski

  • Ivryrise
  • 2009-07-16

Having only formed in 2007, Ivyrise have already garnered plenty of attention for their breed of stadium pop/rock. 2008 was by anyones standards a phenomenal success. Not only did debut single “Tips” launch them into the public sphere, it also sparked interest from the “white boy with a feather in his hair” and former Run-DMC remixer Jason Nevins. Nevins ended up remixing their second single “Disguise”, helping it reach number two in the independent charts. If praise from the likes of Kevin Spacey was not enough, Ivryrise topped it all off by winning themselves a support slot on the Bon Jovi “Lost Highway” tour. Having entered a competition in the London Paper, they proved to be run away winners. However, post the highs came the lows. Lead singer Ben Falinski kindly took a moment to tell zap! bang! all about what it was that drove him to write about his sense of loss on fortchoming single “1000 Feet”.

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Eric Mendelsohn

  • TV/TV
  • 2009-07-02

When I spoke to him Eric Mendelsohn had only just woken up. It had been a busy time for the TV/TV guitarist. Currently one of the acts on the world famous Warped Tour, Mendelsohn and his band mates are on the brink of the big-time, having become mainstay soundtrack artists for MTV shows including “The Real World” and “The Hills”. TV/TV formed all of three years ago in a small apartment in Manhattan’s East Village. Good mates Josh Ocean (vocals/guitar) and Matt Walczak (bass) used to jam together and eventually decided to get together with some other friends to form the band. They named themselves in tribute to the Berkeley Film group who saw art as a medium to rebel and worked with producers Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount on their 2007 debut EP Something To Get Excited About. The EP set tongues wagging, but Ocean and Walczak felt that the line-up wasn’t working, so they rounded up their mate Camillie Oliver (drums) who knew Mendelsohn from the New Jersey music scene. Since the new line-up came around they have worked with pop producer Bleu McAuley (Boys Like Girls, Jonas Brothers) on the more mature follow-up Not Enough Red.

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Christina Courtin

  • Christina Courtin
  • 2009-07-07

“I learned a lot about what I didn’t want to do musically and I eventually learned that teachers are just the same as me, just older.” Attending the prestigious New York music college Juilliard was an eye opening experience for the extremely talented musician Christina Courtin. “They’re not exactly any more ‘right’ about anything musically than myself.” Her teachers saw her potential, but did not necessarily know how to nurture her talent. Having sung and played violin from a young age, Courtin was torn as to what she really wanted. “I did go to college for violin, but I was still singing in my dorm room at night.” Though she loved playing the violin, singing provided a magical feeling that she was hooked on. “It’s true that I did quit singing upon entering Juilliard, but I soon found myself totally depressed and distant because of it. Once I started singing in public again, things immediately became so much clearer and better for me. I guess I realised that without singing and/or making creative music, my life isn’t really worth diddly-squat.” Thankfully for us and for herself, Courtin did land on her feet after nearly tumbling at an unsettling situation.

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Alexa Woodward

  • Alexa Woodward
  • 2009-06-26

Alexa Woodward had only just started to make headway in her law career when she decided that maybe there was something else she wanted to do. Having always loved the banjo, something inside her was saying to follow the dream. This summer sees the release of the 27 year olds’ album Speck, which is already drawing comparisons with Joanna Newsome and Jean Ritchie. The daughter of a documentary maker has already won over critics, most notably as a semi-finalist in New York’s largest songwriting competition — Jezebel Music’s Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition. zap! bang! jumped at the chance of asking Woodward all about the importance of following your dreams.

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Jodie Harsh

  • Jodie Harsh
  • 2009-07-01

Jay Clarke, better known as alter ego Jodie Harsh has been the talk of the UK club scene for the last few years. The St. Martin’s College graduate is taking her club night Circus to the world famous o2 for a one night Pride special on 4th July 2009. Pride, the annual gay and lesbian festival was made truly possible by the drag queens of Stonewall, so it seems only right that 2009’s biggest Pride party is organized by Britain’s biggest drag queen. The night features sets from Siouxsie, man of the moment and current Kylie collaborator Frankmusik and The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie all topped off by a legendary set by Harsh herself. Given Harsh’s flair for fashion and statements, the night promises to be full of colour so we took a moment to have a word with the lady herself to find out a little bit more.

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Olivia and Dan

  • The Do
  • 2009-06-22

“Dogmatic dotty double doolally doppelganger!” is definitely one of the quirkiest album descriptions I have ever heard, but upon listening to The Do’s A Mouthful it all makes sense. The French-Finnish duo formed of singer Olivia Merilahti and musician Dan Levy has to be one of the most exciting musical propositions of 2009. They don’t fit into the trend of female solo singers, nor do they base themselves around an acoustic guitar. The Do are an exhilarating of free form jazz and melodic vocals.

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Dan Mangan

  • Dan Mangan
  • 2009-06-16

“I don’t know what you’ve been told, but I don’t get out much these days” informs Dan Mangan on “Robots”, but that is all about to change. This summer sees the release of the Canadian’s Nice, Nice, Very Nice a follow up to his EP Roboteering. Though he promises that the next album won’t be so long in production, it has already been nearly three and a half years since his debut Postcards and Daydreaming hit record shops and became one of those records that you told all your friends about.

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Guy Fantastico

  • Guy Fantastico
  • 2009-06-12

“I’m a bit of a mutt” declares Guy Fantastico, a statement which may be true of his origins but not of his music. “I was born in Florida. Spanish was my first language… both of my parents grew up speaking Spanish. My mother was born in Cuba and my father was born in what I believe is now the Ukraine, but he fled as a child with his family and hopped around Latin America. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for the past few years, but lately I’m finding myself in New York more often” he explains.

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Richard Walters

  • Richard Walters
  • 2009-06-08

Richard Walters, who has already been noted by The Guardian as the ‘new band of the day’ is about to bring balladeering back into fashion.

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Elizabeth Wright

  • Love Grenades
  • 2009-06-02

“My mother was a trumpet player and my dad a multi-instrumentalist both have a lot to do with why I make music. However, I was raised by my grandmother who was a classical concert pianist who really made me want to pursue music as more than just a hobby. She told me once I got out of high school, ‘You have two options: either make babies or make music.’ She had chosen to have nine kids and that doesn’t seem like fun… so I chose the latter.” Just by looking at her background it is easy to see why Elizabeth Wright of Love Grenades is now making waves on the LA music scene.

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Alessi Laurent-Marke

  • Alessi's Ark
  • 2009-05-27

It has to be said, 2009 appears to be the year of the British female vocalist. Amy Winehouse kicked off the trend a couple of years back, swiftly followed by the equally noteworthy Adele. However, 2009 has seen the dawn of Little Boots, Florence and the Machine and Polly Scattergood (to name but a few). Now it is most definitely time to add another name to your lists, Alessi’s Ark.

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Marshall Galactic

  • The Frontier Brothers
  • 2009-05-19

The Frontier Brothers have landed. Nobody can deny this fact, but from where it is exactly they originate is still a mystery. Their debut album Space Punk Starlet is proof that there is far more to them than any other American Indie Rock band out there at the moment. In fact, upon hearing the 14 gems on what is an album with no fillers, it is hard to confine them to the indie box. Could this trio really be from a different planet? I spoke to Marshall Galactic to find out a little bit more about what we can expect from this latest space invasion.

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