Yarden Tsur

  • Yarden Tsur
  • 2009-07-19

“I’m a big big girl, in a big big world”, those were the lyrics to Emilia’s lullaby that took the world by storm a decade ago. Now, a young Israeli girl named Yarden hopes to do the same. Her songs however carry a message; it is not that she believes her songs alone will change the world, but maybe they will do a little to help.

Yarden first came to my notice when her debut single “Baby It’s Me” featured on my radio show. The song was an instant hit with listeners, many of whom are now friends with Yarden on MySpace, joining the growing number of fans who are hoping that the 21 year old will be signed up and her music made more readily available. This is a dream Yarden shares with her fans. Speaking to her recently, she informed that ‘from the moment I open my eyes in the morning till I close them at night I live the music for every second’. Music is not just Yarden’s passion; it is in an integral part of her being.

It is surprising to learn that Yarden has never formally studied music. She was not even a big music listener until the age of 16. But once the bug hit, that was it. She wrote her first song at 16 on a dusty old keyboard that was lying around in her home and since then she has been unstoppable.

Her first single “Baby It’s Me” demonstrates Yarden’s childlike vocal and marked ability to write in a sweet, lullaby fashion. A skill she is fully aware of as her strength, especially when trying to portray a message through song. “I learned that good music comes from deep inside of a person and it’s the best way to wake up people and express what I really want to say.” The simplistic appeal of a lullaby and the ease with which one can sing along is noticeable. Of the over 500 songs Yarden has written, there are two in particular that she is proud of.

Unfortunately there’s lots of cases about kidnapping kids and the only way I can help is from inside through a song.

The first of these is “Maddie Come Home”, a currently unreleased song about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. “But it represents every child that’s been kidnapped from their parents and taken from their warm house. Unfortunately there’s lots of cases about kidnapping kids and the only way I can help is from inside through a song.” Yarden has been trying to get the song released by one of the children’s charities, or even the official Maddie appeal.

“I want and wish from my songs to wake up the people in the world who naturally forget about these cases and inspire them to act about these kinds of problems.” The one thing that is inspirational about Yarden, is that unlike several other pop starlets in this era of instant celebrity and reality TV, she is not in the industry to reach the dizzy heights through fame and fortune, there is a genuine wish to try and create change through music. It has been said in the past, that music is the voice of the masses. Maybe the dream is a big one, but perhaps this young Israeli can at least make a few people stop and think, even if only for two seconds.

On that note, it could be said that she is already succeeding. “Malawi is a country in Africa that is suffering from extreme poverty and disease. They have more than half a million orphans. Through the foundation we are finding ways to help with a health service, overall education (like school for girls) and taking care of orphans.” Her own contribution is as an ambassador for the “Support Malawi Project”. It is a global mission, conducted mainly on the internet and combines individual contributions and rewards supporters by appearing in a music video. To show your support for the Raising Malawi Foundation, all you need to do is a send an email with the subject “Support Malawi” to yardentsur@gmail.com and include in the email a photograph, your name and your country. You will then be included in a massive collage which will tell world leaders that young people from all around the world are supporting the Raising Malawi Foundation. Yarden believes that small individual acts, when combined as a joint effort can have a huge impact.

Naturally, for someone who has the music living within her, Yarden has been working on her own small contribution to the project. She has been working alongside producers in LA on a song to release. All the proceeds from the song will be used to help the Raising Malawi Foundation. The song currently appears on Yarden’s own MySpace page in a home demo recording, though she has been surprised how many fans have asked to buy it already. She hopes that her beliefs will come to fruition and that her own small creations will be the seed to fruitful future.

If you want more info about the Raising Malawi Foundation: www.raisingmalawi.org

The Support Malawi Project: www.myspace.com/YardenTsurMalawi

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