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  • The Black Delta Movement
  • 2018-03-27

The Black Delta Movement was formed in 2010 by Matt Burr and Dom Abbott, regularly releasing material from the psychedelia of 2011’s ‘Peach Flavoured Hand Grenade’ through to the garage stomp of 2016’s ‘Seven Circles’ We spoke to Matt on the eve of the release of their debut album ‘Preservation’.

We talked about starting a band and about two weeks later we had our first rehearsal!

First up, tell us bit about yourselves - what were you doing before making music?
We’ve been in bands since we were at school so homework, I suppose! Or smoking behind the bike sheds in Dom’s case, ha!

How did the band get together?
Dom and I went to college together, our previous bands had happened to split up at the same time and we bumped into each other at the pub one day. We talked about starting a band and about two weeks later we had our first rehearsal!

Why the name The Black Delta Movement?
We just really liked long names, The Brian Jonestown Massacre/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, etc – it seemed to fit the vibe that we wanted to move towards.

Who did your take inspiration from?
In the beginning it started with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and such, but also a lot more bluesey influences were in there such as The Greenhornes, Soledad Brothers, The Black Crowes etc. Over the years we began to move towards more of a garage/psych/rock & roll sound as we developed.

How would you describe your musical style?
I suppose psychedelically tinged heavy garage rock & roll would be the best way!

Can you remember your first ever gig? How far have you come since then?
Our first ever gig was at Freedom Festival in Hull on 11th September, 2010! We’re now louder, tighter and I’m marginally better at singing, haha.

You’ve had a string of releases already, what’s been the most successful in your eyes?
The Seven Circles EP was the best I think. We pressed it on a lovely 12” colour in colour vinyl which we were really proud of and we got a lot of really lovely feedback from it. Plus it was probably the first release we had done that we felt we had really found ourselves as a band. Something had clicked by that point.

Tell us about your debut album. What’s it about?
It’s basically some form of Preservation for our first eight years as a band! It’s made up of a lot of older songs and some new. It kind of bookmarks almost a decade of the band existing and gives us an opportunity to move forward and play with different styles rather than chasing some form of a ‘Black Delta Movement sound’ as it were.

When did you write it and where did you record it?
‘Rome’ and ‘Butterfly’ were written at our first ever rehearsal eight years ago, the other songs were written along the way. ‘For You’, ‘Let The Rain Come’ and ‘No End’ were more or less written for the album and have only been played live a couple of times!

We recorded it at Love Buzz Studios in London with Mike Burnham who recorded The Cobra Lamps and a lot of Fuzz Club Sessions. It was a great but intense working week getting it all down!

How does it build on your style?
I’ve not really thought about it to be honest, I always kind of saw it as consolidating what was, in our opinion, our best work into an album that our fans, and hopefully new fans, would want to hear. For our first album we wanted to really put our bollocks on the table, as it were, and show what we’re about, or at least what we were about for a time.

What are your hopes for the album?
If I’m honest, I just hope that people like it!

‘King Mosquito’ is the only track available to listen to ahead of the release of the album. Why did you choose this track to prelude the album?
‘King Mosquito’ has been in the set for a long time and it’s always been one that we’ve noticed that crowds react to the most. A lot of our friends have told us that it’s one of our best songs so it seemed right to release that one first. Also, it was originally going to be a standalone single before we decided to record the album instead.

Where can we see you live in 2018?
So far we have announced four dates but we’ll be announcing a lot more soon!

29/03 – Fruit, Hull
05/04 – Shacklewell Arms, London
06/04 – Hope & Ruin, Brighton
07/04 – Hy Brasil Club, Bristol

More tours and such will be announced over the coming months!

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen to the band this year, what would it be?
That’s a massive question!! I’m not sure really, I’d like to see us play to more and more people I think. One reason for this is purely because, as a musician, I feel that everyone wants to play to the biggest audience they possibly can, but also it would be nice to be at a point where we can make a living from what we do so that we can dedicate everything to it and achieve everything that we want to in the long run. It’d be nice to see more of the world and more people along the way!

Listen to ‘King Mosquito’ on SoundCloud below. For news and tour dates go to Listen to and order the album from Bandcamp.

Photo by BluCapPhotography.

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