• Stogey
  • 2017-02-19

Stogey’s debut record ‘V.I.P was released by new label E.B Records that sees D Power at its helm, as well as Audio Slugs on production duties. We spoke to the grime M.C. about his first release and how he got involved with D Power’s label.

Relating my lyrics to my life helps the writing process as I’ve always got something to talk about.

First up, tell us bit about yourself - what got you into music? Was there a particular song or artist who inspired you?
I’m 20, I grew up and was born in South London, I later moved to Eastbourne which is a seaside town in East Sussex. My big bro was my first inspiration to start writing music, as he used to do it a lot and because he used to listen to a lot of grime I grew up listening to people like Wiley, Newham Generals, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta, so I’d say a wide variety of artist have inspired and influenced me.

How do you write your music? Is there any kind of routine that helps
I’m in the studio more or less all the time. I listen to different beats, I make beats so I’m always trying new flows and styles. Relating my lyrics to my life helps the writing process as I’ve always got something to talk about, my music is usually influenced by my daily routine so whether that be recording in the studio, holiday, going clubbing or my previous life experiences my music generally relates to my life.

You were recently on Silk Radio on Big Mikee’s show alongside Danny Dorito and D Power. How did that go?
Being on a Big Mikee’s show was a good, fun and new experience for me, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to go there and spread my lyrics to the Midlands and reach a new audience that I may have not been able to before.

Tell us about ‘V.I.P’. What’s it about?
‘V.I.P’ was my first single and the concept was based on your general night out, so meeting your friends, meeting girls, getting into drama and of course drinking. The video is out now and the visuals reflect on the lyrics.

You worked with Audio Slugs on ‘V.I.P’ - what did they bring to the track?
Audio Slugs helped me created this bubbly masterpiece by providing me with the beat ‘Black Ice’ which is now currently available on iTunes alongside the ‘V.I.P’ single.

‘V.I.P’ is being released on E.B Records. How did your hook up with the label come about?
I put out a couple songs on YouTube about a year ago and D power phoned me, we linked up went to the studio and he showed me the vision, we had a good few conversations, been recording nonstop and I haven’t looked back from there.

How has D Power helped you develop your music?
DP brought me to the studio and showed me its all about hard work and consistency. Everyday I’ve been in the studio practicing and recording more or less and during this time I’ve been finding myself as an MC and as a person. Since I met up with DP and started this music journey he’s introduced me to some very influencial people and he has helped me a lot in being motivated as well as always being determined to progress and keep moving forward.

What are your hopes for ‘V.I.P’?
I hope V.I.P keeps moving and reaches more people but a lot of DJ’s have been playing it and I’m happy with the progress it’s been making so far. As the releases go on more on more people will catch on to V.I.P.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?
I get asked this question a lot and my answer always changes but right now in this moment of time I’d get Jhene Aiko in the studio to come and lay down a winner hook.

If you could pick any venue or festival to play, where would it be and which slot would you most enjoy?
If I could play at any venue it would be a festival right now and I’d probably say Wireless, main stage. So many people come out the festival, the vibe is crazy and it would be an amazing experience.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, when would it be and what would you say?
I would have told myself to forget about what everyone else was doing and focus on what I wanted to do which was music. I’ve been doing music for an good while now but a good couple times I’ve stopped and been disheartened from life situations and stuff so at those times I would of told myself to see the bigger picture, think about where I want to be and don’t stop working towards getting there.

What else is coming up for you in 2017?
My EP will be released early March ‘Getstogied’ and we are doing a show at Birthdays on Thursday, May 4th. You can expect a release from me every month, plenty of videos throughout the year and non-stop radio.

Watch ‘V.I.P’ on YouTube below. For Stogey news and tour dates go to the Stogey Facebook page.

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