• Stalagmites
  • 2018-07-19

Stalagmites are Bradley Lynch (vocals/bass), Alex Hardman (guitar) and Daniel Jones (drums) from Salford. Their 2017 single, ‘Binary’, received national airplay in the UK from Steve Lamacq (BBC6 Music) and John Kennedy (Radio X) - and you may have heard it on the fashion segment of ITV’s This Morning this year. We caught up with Bradley to find out more about the band and new single ‘Projectile Dysfunction’.

Pop sensibilities sprinkled on to some serious cahones.

First up, tell us bit about yourselves - what led you all to forming Stalagmites?
Me and Alex were in the same form at High School and grew up listening to the same music, going to gigs together. And we plucked Dan from Gumtree. Luckily he’s a top drummer, and a fucked up Welshman.

Who did your take inspiration from?
So many different artists from different genres, some of which you can hear more than others. To name a few: Interpol, The Stone Roses, the Bunnymen, Bloc Party, loads of shoegaze, and other stuff from Kendrick Lamar to Bjork to Vieux Farka Toure. Too many to mention.

Why the name ‘Stalagmites’?
In an early version of the band we were called The Souls which we quickly realised was shit and we had a song called ‘Stalagmites’ which sounded better so we were like “let’s have that”. We like the sound and look of the word, not particularly into rocks and that.

**How would you describe your musical style? **
Dark pop. There’s pop sensibilities sprinkled on to some serious cahones.

Your latest single is ‘Projectile Dysfunction’. What’s it about?
It’s about the difficulties of keeping a band together; seeing mate’s bands come and go; and trying to navigate your way through the unfavourable climate of the music industry.

When did you write it and where did you record it?
We wrote it early last year and recorded it at Vibe Studios in Cheetham Hill where the high wizard Dean Glover delivered it to its full potential.

How does ‘Projectile Dysfunction’ build on your style?
It’s born out of the same DNA which our last single, ‘Binary’, was but with a more intricate instrumental break which demonstrates how we like to surprise even ourselves with where a song is going.

What are your hopes for ‘Projectile Dysfunction’?
Help us reach more people and build our fanbase, online and at gigs. We’ve just heard Steve Lamacq at BBC6 Music played it two days ago so it’s top to get national airplay from such a respected person like him.

Do you have more music to be released this year?
We’ll have a new single out around autumn time.

Where can we see you live in 2018?
We’re currently confirming gigs for later in the year so please remain vigilant.

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen to the band this year, what would it be?
Lose our virginities. We made a pact five years ago, but I think this could be our year. Also, we’d love to support our favourite bands, like Interpol playing in Manchester, and start harvesting their fans as our own.

Listen to ‘Projectile Dysfunction on SoundCloud below. For news and tour dates go to the Stalagmites Facebook page.

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