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  • Sixteen and Jsupreme
  • 2020-08-14

Birmingham brothers Sixteen and Jsupreme share writing, recording, mixing and mastering of every song they write from their bedroom studio, with Sixteen on production duties. They aim to create a positive vibe with their music via catchy hooks, bouncy baselines and clean UK rap bars you can play around your Grandma. We caught up with them to chat about their latest single ‘H.M.O.M.P’ - aka Hit Me On My Phone.

We take inspiration from everything around us what we see, go through, where we see ourselves in the future and things that go in the world.

Tell us a bit about yourselves – who are Sixteen and Jsupreme, and what where you doing before making music together?
We are brothers born and raised in Birmingham, we grew up around a lot of different genres of music, growing up, like gospel, hip hop, garage, grime, bhangra and reggae, We come from a very musical family where everyone can play a few instruments and most of them not all, lol can sing. We have always been good at music throughout our childhood and school, We have a family WhatsApp group chat where we all would mess around doing freestyles, setting rap challenges for everyone to come up with something unique and its was so much fun (We are still in the lead! lol).

Sixteen: I’ve had a passion for making music for as long as I can remember, it all started out on my phone using garage band, where I made beats and sent it to people to rap on, nothing serious though but they loved them.

For my GCSE’s I picked music as one of my options, at a parents evening my teacher “Mr Bull” told my Dad I was excelling in music, So I asked my Dad if he could buy me a little studio set up, but it wasn’t going be easy. I had to show and prove to my Dad I was serious, so he downloaded a demo on a dusty old pc he had for years and set me the challenge to learn the software and make quality beats. After a year of me learning and putting in the grind to up my skill level, my Dad invested in a professional mini studio set up where we produce beats, record, mix and master all our music from.

When I was in year 11, I decided to take my passion for music a bit more seriously and started to rap on some of the beats I was producing and as they say the rest is history.

Jsupreme: I also loved music and had a passion for rap but never actually thought I would be able to do music as a career, even though I always had musical ability. For fun I would rap on some of my brother Sixteen’s beats and would have competitions with my family members on our WhatsApp group, my family and friends always told me that I was good at rapping and I should take it more seriously.

At first it was hard to create an original sound, but we kept on going using tutorials from YouTube and messing around with the software’s we had. When finally, we made something we was happy with and on January 18 th 2019 we released our very first ever professional single “STACK ALL DAY” and from that day we have continued to release music as official recording artists and loved every moment event though sometimes it’s hard.

Who did you take inspiration from?
We take inspiration from everything around us what we see, go through, where we see ourselves in the future and things that go in the world. For example our “BLACK LIVES MATTER” Freestyle was from the pain we felt about what was going on with justice towards George Floyd and others around the world and around us even us, and we wanted to bring awareness to the struggle that melanin people go through (you can find this freestyle on YouTube and many more here).

We also take inspiration from many genres of music including UK rap, garage, grime, RnB, drill, hip hop and gospel. These musical genres where what we grew up listening to and have an impact on the music we listen to and create today.

Why the names ‘Sixteen and Jsupreme’, what do you stand for?
Sixteen: I chose the name ‘Sixteen’ because the 16th day I was born, and its also my favourite number. The number 16 also represents independence and symbolizes growth and determination.

Jsupreme: I always wanted to use the first letter of my name and wanted something to ensemble Sixteen’s name. Then the name supreme was mentioned and I liked it as it stood for high ranking and being ‘TOP DARG’. That is where we will be one day soon, On top!

How would describe your musical style?
We would describe our music as a clean take on UK rap/ UK hip hop, which is a vibe with catchy hooks, bouncy 808’s and clean UK rap bars.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would you love to work with?
If we could collab with any artist, it would have to be Mist as he from Birmingham like us and is a great inspiration and role model to the youth, because anything is possible, he proved you can achieve anything you put your mind to no matter your circumstance, as long as you put in the hard work and graft. ‘0121 STAND UP!!!’.

Tell us about your new single ‘H.M.O.M.P’. what is it about?
Our new single ‘Hit Me On My Phone’ is a song that everyone can relate to in some way or another, it talks about how girls like to play games but still wanting a relationship, then still messing with other guys.

When did you write it and where did you record it?
Sixteen:- ‘H.M.O.M.P’ was written and recorded in our bedroom studio early 2020.

How does this single represent you?
To be honest the song does not really represent us, but we wanted to cover a topic about fake love and how we all can go through similar situations regardless of gender.

What are your hopes for ‘H.M.O.M.P’?
Our hopes for ‘H.M.O.M.P’ are for our fans to enjoy our music, and hopefully get heard by new people and help us grow as musicians and maybe someone can relate to the message.

What are your other plans for what is fast becoming a crazy year?
Our plans for the rest of 2020 is to get more music written and released for everyone to hear and keep growing our fanbase. We hope to get more recognition for our music. Hopefully Lockdown eases up way more enabling us to collaborate with other artist and maybe even perform live again.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, when would it be and what would you say?
This is a question you will have to ask us again in ten years’ time as for now, we would not want to change a thing, lol.

Listen to Sixteen and Jsupreme on Spotify below. For the latest, follow Sixteen and Jsupreme on Instagram.

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