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  • Sannie Carlson (a.k.a Whigfield)
  • 2009-11-05

Sannie Carlson may not be a name you all recognise. Sannie had studied music before becoming a successful model. A chance meeting with producer Larry Pignagnoli transformed the 23-year-old Dane’s life forever. He decided to rename the pretty blonde Whigfield and launched her with the song Saturday Night in 1993. The song became a phenomenon, with Whigfield become the first non-UK or US act to debut at number one in the UK Top 40. Far from a one-hit-wonder, Whigfield has notched up an impressive five albums with Sannie balancing her work as a performer with songwriting. zap! bang! jumped at the chance to speak to the 90s icon about then and now.

How did the phenomenon that was Whigfield come about?
Mix a great song with a funny dance routine together with a 23-year-old blond with a smile. There you go.

You are best known in the UK for your hit “Saturday Night”. Has it been hard to escape the song?
It would be much easier to escape from Alcatraz than from this song.

Do you ever regret the impact one song has had on your career?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Globally in the mid ’90s, you sold more records than the likes of Britpop wonders Oasis and Blur. Do you feel that Whigfield had as much of a cultural impact as the two bands did?
Even though our music was a lot different, it still had the same impact. In my case a new era of bubblegum pop had just begun.

Whose idea was it to change your name from Sannie Carlson to Whigfield?
My producer thought it was a good idea at the time, boy was he wrong!!! Just think about the times I didn’t have to answer that question had I kept my own name.

My computer is filled up with demo’s. There might be a few tracks for Whiggy.

Have you dropped the name Whigfield in order to be viewed differently in the music industry?
No, I only use Sannie Carlson when I work as a writer/composer.

How does your new sound different to the ’90s pop?
Less cheesy I hope. I’m currently playing with different sounds for a new single.

Do you hope the new material will emulate the success of your Whigfield days?
My computer is filled up with demo’s. There might be a few tracks for Whiggy.

A lot of ’90s pop stars are now going the reality TV route. Would you ever consider it?
I was contacted by Big Brother UK and DK and I’m A Celebrity… Thanks, but
no thanks.

Who of your ’90s contemporaries did you most admire?
I’ve always been more of a fan to the production side of music. Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Who do you currently admire in the music industry?
I really take my hat of for Madonna. She has shown the world that anything is possible. If you want something just go and get it.

Do you think that pop is set to make a big comeback?
Melody-wise I think it already has.

Why do you think Scandinavia is so good at producing cheesy pop?
Might be written in the Scandinavian DNA? Even though my production for the past sixteen years has been Italian so…

What is the best pop song ever made?
First thing that comes to mind is “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

*And finally, is there a song that you kept off the number one spot that you
thought really deserved to be there?*
Anyone that reaches number one deserves to be there. If a song is kept off the number one spot caused by the success of another… well! C’est La Vie.

Sannie Carlson has penned “U Wanna Have It” by Monofono ft. Naan (released 30th October 2009).

Whigfield’s Right In The Night is out now.

To find out more about Sannie Carlson’s upcoming projects, visit her Official Site.

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