River Matthews

  • River Matthews
  • 2017-05-15

River Matthews used an old, forgotten steel-string guitar his mum had stashed in the wardrobe and the help of a local guitar teacher to learn the styles and techniques his classical education hadn’t covered. He went on to record his first song, ‘Catherine’ about a girl he fell for, which featured on his debut EP Feels Like Morning. He just released new single ‘Stars’.

Gentle. Wistful. Optimistic. River. Matthews.

2016 - what will you look back on most fondly from the year?
Recording music with some beautiful people who I now find in my life.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?
Yeah, always make a couple of them. Get up earlier was one. Hasn’t happened yet.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt in 2016 so far?
That you gotta be comfortable with being uncomfortable, if you want something to change.

What was the musical highlight of 2016?
One main highlight would have to be hearing the string quartet play over Stars for the first time, when we were recording the first EP. There’s something magic that happened when they started playing… there was nothing anyone could add to that moment.

Who are you excited to hear from in 2017?
Artists… I hear Ben Howard’s doing a new thing with a band this year… love that guy.

Tell us about the record you have just released…
It continues from the first EP, drawing out some new stories and feelings. Carries a bit of hope and bit of love with it.

What inspired the record?
Like all the songs written and recorded last year, they’ve been inspired by that love thing… family, friends, loss and new beginnings.

If the record were an animal, what animal would it be?
Maybe a baby elephant?! Ha!

Define your sound in five words…
Gentle. Wistful. Optimistic. River. Matthews.

If you could jam with one artist alive or dead, who would it be?
So many. Eddie Vedder… he’s still alive so let’s put that one out there!

If you could have written one song by another artist, what would it be?
‘Nothing Compares To You’ by Prince, and sang by Sinead O’Connor. Perfect. Although I would have changed the instrumental after the second chorus!

Someone is making a film of your life, who will play you?
Let’s bring back Yul Brynner and give him a little hat or something.

Lastly, tell us one thing you have never revealed in an interview…
My left thigh!

Watch ‘Stars’ on YouTube below. For news and tour dates go to rivermatthews.com.

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