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  • Professor Paws
  • 2021-05-27

The last time we spoke to Professor Paws last year, lockdown was easing and he was releasing ‘Rum Pa Pa Pum’. This month he’s released two singles ahead of a forthcoming EP To The Bag. We caught up with the Londoner to find out more.

A lot of haters inspired [‘To The Bag’]! It’s about winning against all odds and negativity.

When we last spoke, you were promoting ‘Rum Pa Pa Pum’. What impact did the release make?
The track’s had very good impact. I had a lot of fun with it and it’s resulted in very good recognition. Every time someone mentions it to me, they always reference the chorus / catch phrase “Rum Pa Pa Pum”, lol. The track was strong and did decent numbers. It’s helped to progress things in all respects.

How have the lockdowns affected you from a personal perspective, and a music perspective?
Lockdown’s been a completely weird and different experience to anything I’ve ever been through, but, from a personal perspective, it’s taught me to be self-sufficient. For example, giving myself haircuts when there are no barbers around, lol. From a music perspective, it’s taught me how important it is to ‘live’ so I have things to write about.

Tell us about your music in 2021 so far. First you released ‘Southside Girl’, what was that about?
Yeah 2021 is looking up! ‘Southside Girl’ was my first release of the year. It’s about getting to know a new female and getting her stay around my side of town - South London.

What response did it get from your fans?
They’ve liked the track which is good, it had good pre-save numbers and has done well on numbers so far.

You’ve just dropped ‘To The Bag’. What’s the inspiration behind the track?
A lot of haters inspired this track! It’s about winning against all odds and negativity.

Michelin Shin produced ‘To The Bag’. How did they get involved and what did they bring to the track?
He produced the track in a studio session so I wrote some on the spot and took it away to finish the lyrics and arrangement. As a producer, I always like to take projects away and finish up at my home studio.

How does ‘To The Bag’ build on your previous releases?
‘To The Bag’ is the second release from my upcoming EP titled To The Bag (funny enough), so it’s working towards my first EP.

What are your hopes for ‘To The Bag’?
I’m happy with my music being heard by the masses, so all good if it does.

How’s the rest of 2021 looking for you?
I’ve got my EP and loads more music on the way!

Watch the video for ‘To The Bag’ on YouTube below. For the latest, find Professor Paws on Instagram.

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