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  • 2019-05-20

Pekoe Cat has never recorded a song that has finished being written, he writes and records at the same time. This means he’s not always sure where his songs will end up - but they do get to the point he’s willing to share them. We caught up with Pekoe Cat to chat about single ‘Invisibility Cloak’ taken from his Jungle Cop album out in July.

I guess lack of a style is my style. I love sound and creation, so I try not to duplicate myself.

First up, tell us a bit about yourself - what first got you into music?
Hi, I’m Kyle and I’m a comedian so I have to do a lot of different things to make money. Music is not one of them. I come from a musical family. My mom is a classically trained vocalist and choir director and my brother is the guitarist for indie rockers The Most Serene Republic. I have my dad to thank for my love of The Beatles

Were there any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from?
All of them. Tame Impala, Neon Indian are some obvious ones. Right now I’m really into D.D. Dumbo, Video Age and Ruby Empress. And I really like how Donald Glover is able excel at both music and comedy; I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life never reaching those heights.

How would you describe your style?
That’s a tough question. I guess lack of a style is my style. I love sound and creation, so I try not to duplicate myself. Also, I work on-the-fly. When I start recording a song I don’t know how I’m going to end it. I slowly chip away at it until I get there. There’s a lot of “Yeah, that would sound good there.”

Why ‘Pekoe Cat’?
My first cat ever was an orange tabby named Pekoe. When I was two, I would run and jump on him. Good cat.

If you could collaborate with any living artist who would you choose?
No one, I’m an introvert.

Tell us about your new single ‘Invisibility Cloak’. What’s it about?
I love creating. When I’m working on a song I think “Damn, that sounds good.” When it’s finished I think “Damn, that’s terrible.” ‘Invisibility Cloak’ is that constant self-doubt coming out.

When did you write it and where did you record it?
Don’t remember, but I know it started with that bass riff. My recording studio. My basement.

How does ‘Invisibility Cloak’ represent your style?
Another hard one. I guess going back to that struggle. It’s me battling between creativity/innovation and standard pop.

What are your hopes for ‘Invisibility Cloak’?
To shoot a video for it where I AT LEAST get to dance on top of a car.

‘Invisibility Cloak’ is taken from your forthcoming album ‘Jungle Cop’. When can we expect to hear it?
Sunday, July 14th!

Any forthcoming tour dates?
Never. I don’t know band people.

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen for you this year, what would it be?
I’d really love to crack that 40 Twitter followers mark.

Listen to ‘Invisibility Cloak’ on SoundCloud below. For the latest, head to Pekoe Cat’s Facebook page.

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