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  • 2017-11-04

The End Festival returns to nine venues around London this month from Thursday, November 16th to Friday, November 24th. This year it will showcase underground and established talent including Fearless, David Thomas Broughton, Equinox and Jack Cheshire. We spoke to Monk who founded the festival in Crouch End eight years ago.

The End Festival is something of a calling, a labour of love!

Tell us about yourself. Before The End Festival, how were you involved in music?
I play drums in Billy Mahonie, and others. BM often would organise our own shows and I carried on doing it for others too.

Who were your biggest influences?
As a promoter and show organiser it’d be Foundation/ATP and some of the big festivals. As a musician I’d say Tortoise, Slint, Miles Davis, Krautrock… loads.

Tell us about The End Festival. What led you to start it?
I was doing a monthly night in a pub in Crouch End and one year I did two on the same night, and then it great like that.

How did you go about organising the first one in Crouch End?
As above really. It was fun!

Which acts do you recall being most fond of?
All of them for sure. But Gravenhurst was awesome in the old Music Palace (now a cinema). One chaotic show in a cricket club had Sally Ford and the Sound Outside they were awesome. Alexis Taylor, Howe Gelb in a tiny recording studio.

How has the festival developed over the years? What have you changed?
I no longer do it only in Crouch End. It’s London-wide now. I do fewer shows on the same night to reduce the chaos. It’s really like a concert series. One per night.

How do you choose the venues?
Interesting, decent, independent venues.

What’s new for 2017?
All dayer (starts at 5pm) in two rooms at Mirth Marvel and Maud in Walthamstow. It’s all about the post rock. We’ve booked some bands featured in the book Fearless and we’re loosely doing it based on that book. We got Re:Tros as special guests. They’re a Chinese synth trio who are opening for Depeche Mode on their world tour. They’re come to us on a day off.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Black Peached, Equinox the Peacekeeper, HAWK. All of them. I haven’t promoted as many shows this year so I’m looking forward to them ALL!

What’s been the biggest challenge this year?
It’s always a challenge. Venues, Band availability, difficult agents. Costs. But this is something of a calling, a labour of love!

What are your hopes for the future of The End Festival?
We’ll grow, and we’ll do it in different towns too. It’d be great to twin with towns out of London, and to maybe do it for a little longer.

The End Festival 2017 (all dates in November)

Thursday, 16th - David Thomas Broughton - Paper Dress Vintage
Friday, 17th - David Thomas Broughton - Aces & Eights
Saturday, 18th - Fearless - Mirth, Marvel and Maude
Sunday, 19th - Maria Kelly - Servant Jazz Quarters
Sunday, 19th - David Thomas Broughton - Servant Jazz Quarters
Monday, 20th - Equinox - The Windmill
Tuesday, 21st - The Van T’s, Rainbrother - The Social
Wednesday, 22nd - HAWK plus The Anatomy Of Frank - The Lexington
Thursday, 23rd - Jack Cheshire - Old Queens Head
Friday, 24th - McAlmont and Butler, The Magic Numbers, Ren Harvieu - Downstairs at The Kings Head

For listings, tickets and more information go to

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