Love Revue

  • Daniel Hart
  • 2009-11-02

Singer/Songwriter Daniel Hart saw his group Love Revue’s popularity jump when they won the Samsung £400 ‘Share’ Campaign with “Soothe My Soul”. The London-based performers suddenly saw themselves launched into the realms of national radio. Undeterred, they set about recording and releasing their debut album Love Revue — a 70s inspired radio friendly collection — and have teamed up with Swedish songstress Therese and the BBC introduced The Fuel for their UK tour. zap! bang! grabbed a few moments with Daniel Hart to find out more…

You are credited as an actor, singer, songwriter and poet – would the term artist better suit?
I’m an artist at home and a performer on the road!

When did you first experiment with artistry?
When didn’t I?!

Do you have a preferred medium for self expression?

What impact does your Kabbalist faith have on your writing?
It was when I started studying that my songs had a beginning a middle and a continuation. In my study that I began to see where I’d been, how to be where I am and where I would like to go. When you begin to open your heart to possibility and embrace other people, feel their process, new ideas come flooding in.

Why choose the name Love Revue?
It kind of came to me in a similar way that the name ‘The Beatles’ came to John Lennon in a dream. I wasn’t asleep, but it just popped in to my mind and then in to my mouth and it was kind of a joke at the time, but now I know why it was chosen. Love Revue is a double edged experience — the songs/messages are the ‘Love’ and the performance is the ‘Revue’. We have both integrity and energy!

When you begin to open your heart to possibility and embrace other people, feel their process, new ideas come flooding in.

You are on tour with Therese, who also appears on your album. Can we expect future collaborations?
We love writing together as we have a connection and our songs are really an extension of our lives.

Do you enjoy the collaborative process?
It’s my favourite part of the work. Elevating the sparks of this chaotic world in to an uplifting energetic message.

Also joining the line up are The Fuel, can we expect to see cross band performances at the live shows?
On tour yes and at The Roundhouse we’ll be singing our mad love song “Superhero” with Therese!

If you could collaborate with any current artist, who would that be and why?
Now that Michael is writing songs with the angels and teaching them to moon, Neptune and Jupiter walk, I would like to collaborate with Amy Winehouse, because the writing process isn’t just about what you can get out of it, it’s also about what you can give.

Your hero is Michael Jackson, do you hope to emulate his success?
Absolutely. He had it all — movement, sound, attitude, message, effect.

Having won the Samsung £400 ‘Share’ Campaign with “Soothe My Soul”, has there been a large impact on the popularity of Love Revue?
Yes, it’s a good way in, isn’t it? We live in a world where people are rushing around and they need these little hooks to hang their attention on, so when you say you’ve won this or that, they start listening to the music more and in time they get to know what you have to offer. So it can be the basic quick fix beginning to a deeper more long term relationship.

What can we expect from the coming year?
Nothing less than superstardom.

Love Revue will be playing London’s Roundhouse on November 14th. More dates can be found on their Official Site

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