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  • Lady Lykez
  • 2015-09-28

Fresh from becoming the first female MC to compete in Lord of the Mics, Lady Lykez is lining up a release for new tune “Chat 2 Your Man”. It’s about women sticking together, and features her fast-paced flow that has led to her being compared to Busta Rhymes. We caught up with Lady Lykez to find out more about her history, new tune and the Female Takeover tour with Melody Kane.

First up, tell us bit about yourself - what were you doing before you started making music?
I’ve always been into music and performing arts from a very young age, so whether it was acting in a play, singing in a choir or playing drums in church I loved being on stage and performing. Started rapping from about 11 years old when I was inspired by my cousins.

What was the first style or genre of music you really got into? Was their a particular song or artist who inspired you?
I’ve always loved hip hop and got really inspired by Eve and Eminem when I was young.

How do you set about writing tunes? Is there a common starting point for all your work?
Sometimes I come up with the concept in my head then find a producer to create the beat or sometimes it’s the other way around and a producer gives me a beat and I work out what I should do on it.

If your music was a person, how would you describe their personality and where would they live?
Extrovert and living in the city.

You’ve been compared to Busta Rhymes such is the speed of your lyrical flow. How does Busta Rhymes rank with artists you admire? Are there any other acts that you hold in high regard?
Yes I’ve always loved Busta Rhymes, he has definitely influenced me along the way. Missy Elliot too. She isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

If you’re a female trying to break through, my advice would be just to work really hard and have resilience. Do not allow people to put you down. Make sure you stand out.

In summer 2013 you were part of the Female Takeover tour with DJ Melody Kane, SheJay 1E, Shystie and SheZar. How did that help shape your career? Are you still in touch with them all?
It was such a great tour and opportunity to be involved with ‘Female Takeover’ and I have built really good relationships with the girls. Melody Kane still supports me massively, it was really good to connect with other women in the industry.

What are your top three “must haves” while you’re on tour?
Alcohol, food and sleep lol.

Tell us about your new single “Chat 2 Your Man”. What was your inspiration for the song annd what’s the message you want to convey?
The song is just encouraging women to stick together as a lot of the time when things go wrong in relationships girls end up fighting each other rather than dealing with the problem. It came from a real life situation were one of my friends was talking to a guy and one day she received an abusive phone call from his baby mother. She knew nothing about him being in a relationship so advised the girl to “Chat 2 Her Man” lol. Then I made the song as I felt a lot of people could relate to this issue.

Do you think women have to stick together in the music business to be successful? What would be your top tips to give to a fellow female artist trying to break through?
I think it’s good to stick together as all the guys in the scene seem to, and there are more successful male rappers than females. I think if you’re a female trying to break through, my advice would be just to work really hard and have resilience. Do not allow people to put you down. Make sure you stand out.

Finally, what’s coming up at the end of 2015 and into 2016?
Loads more singles, possible mixtape/EP and definitely loads of shows. I hope to do more international shows as well as I hope to achieve world domination one day :).

Check out Lady Lykez new single ‘Chat 2 Your Man’ below, for more details head to her Facebook page.

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