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  • Jordan Morris
  • 2016-01-05

‘Celebrate’ is the new single by Jordan Morris with beat skipping kick drums married with a reggae guitar riff that provides the foundation for his smooth and stirring vocals. Having previously collaborated with Dappy and Faith SFX, Jordan continues to carve out a musical niche ahead of the release of debut EP Discovery due out this year. He’s been working with super producers such as P2J and writers Roc-City responsible for hits for Usher, Rihanna and Ciara so we caught up with Jordan to find out more.

You should celebrate your blessings otherwise you’re not going to enjoy the journey.

What got you into music? Was there a particular tune or artist who inspired you?
My Dad has always had a huge passion for music and from birth I grew up around him playing his vinyls. Then, eventually, when I could understand it, he would educate me on them. He would play more indie, reggae, punk music which is not exactly my style of music but it definitely influenced me and I can always tell even to this day.

I started off playing the drums, mainly influenced by the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I loved grime music, growing up in that culture I definitely had a few grime songs of my own. Eventually it developed into singing and I really fell in love with the art of the voice, with likes of Craig David, Usher and Justin Timberlake really influencing that.

How would you describe your style?
Young and honest musical storytelling.

How do you go about writing a song? Is there a particular process that works for you?
A lot of the time I’ll be on a train or in the shower and, while thinking to myself and debating different social concepts, I’ll come up with a couple of my own which develop into a few lines and I make sure to write it in my phone. I could be listening to a song from another artist and feel so inspired that I want to write a song with a similar soul/feel to it.

If I’m in studio and I hear an instrumental, or my boy is creating an instrumental at the time, I’ll get a feel of what I want to write about instantly. Other than that I like to play the piano and write now and then, I get into a train of thought and just see where it goes. There are so many different ways! I always think about a real situation that I’ve been in, a real person in my life or a real emotion I’ve felt when writing.

You’ve previously worked with Faith SFX and Dappy. How was that? What did you learn from them?
With Faith SFX that was when I had just started singing, I was about 15 and it was after I got scouted singing in a school talent show! So to be in with a legend like that was amazing. We didn’t ever record a song together, but he helped me on my song with vocal arrangement and he recorded it. With Dappy it was his fearlessness and pure devotion to his art. He gives it everything from the studio to the stage and that was amazing to be around.

Tell us about your new single ‘Celebrate’. The title speaks for itself, but what’s the inspiration behind it?
I took a little time out at the end of 2014 up until the end of 2015 to really discover who I am. I wanted to experience different things in life, make my own mistakes. In that time I got in and out of a romantic relationship and one thing I got from the experience is that there is always something to celebrate and you should celebrate your blessings otherwise you’re not going to enjoy the journey.

Who did you work with on the video? Did the shoot go well?
I loved the shoot! It was my 21st birthday and I helped direct the video, all the extras/the lead lady are all people I know personally including friends& family. I also decided on the location, and I worked with Elliot Simpson who I’ve worked with consistently for about 2 years now he’s an amazing friend and professional. All of that combined just made it an easy flowing and fun shoot I was really pleased and proud of the result.

The video is in an urban setting, tell us a bit about the concept.
I decided that I wanted to shoot the video in the estate I grew up on, and where I still live: Grahame park. I feel that now I am very sure of the person I am and I’m ready to show people exactly who that is, so where better to film than the area I’ve lived in my whole life!

Your debut EP ‘Discovery’ is out in 2016. What can we expect from it?
An array of emotions conveyed through music. More specifically, I’ve spent time in the studio and very naturally, accompanied by a few amazing creatives, given a representation of myself in each song. There are direct influences from RnB, Soul, trap, grime, garage and house, but it wasn’t pre-planned that way, we just created and it came together beautifully.

If you could get three wishes for 2016, what would they be?
1) To put on an exclusive show for my supporters.
2) Buy both parents a car of their choice.
3) Tottenham to win the premier league!

Watch the video for Jordan Morris - “Celebrate”:

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