Entering the world of new label Seclusion

  • Damien Lapéna & Anouar Hemissi
  • 2021-04-26

Seclusion is a new, French label for digital distribution and promotion created by Damien Lapéna and Anouar Hemissi who also record as duo 13130 Space project. We caught up with them to learn more, including details of their first release: HLX-1’s Come To Me.

A serious and varied electronic music label, turned towards the future, and which respects the values of the past.

First up, tell us a bit about yourselves - what were you doing in music before you started working together?
In fact we started together in 2008, with quite a lot of joint projects under different aliases up to 2014. We stopped producing for a while, and we decided to launch the new project in 2020.

Who did you take inspiration from?
Mainly productions like Robert Hood and Mark Broom. Also a lot of Jeff Mills and Planetary Assault Systems for sci-fi oriented tracks. Inspiration also comes from what we’ve been listening to for years, old school hip hop, funk (Wu-Tang Clan, IAM, Funkadelic…).

You record under the alias 13130 Space Project. How did that all start?
Anouar: For a long time we did not have our own musical identity, we were content to imitate certain musical trends from Berlin or USA. We had to come up with our own vision.

Damien: One day, I remember that Developer (Modularz) gave me some advice: “Be yourself, be simpler, and be French…” I followed the advice, and even more. In our region we tend to say we are not French, but we are from Marseille! We therefore focused the project around our city: Berre l’Etang (13130)

How would you describe your musical style?
It depends on the production styles: raw and funky for tracks with festive synths & vocals. Deep and spatial for sci-fi-oriented tracks.

Have you always wanted to start a label? Can you tell us how Seclusion came into being?
We had created a label together a few years ago and we were waiting for the right moment to do something more professional. A lot of producers and label managers have given up since the pandemic. We took this time to organize things and used those difficult times to work hard.

Damien Lapéna, we understand the conceptual vision of the label is based on a sci-fi scenario inspired by highlights of your life, development as an artist and problems in the world today together with the origins of Detroit techno. How will this shape the artists you choose to work with, and music you release?
Damien: The concept of selection is quite simple, everything revolves around sci-fi sounds or funky sounds of Detroit techno. We want to offer different styles of electronic music with a varied catalog (techno, electro, acid…) That leaves a lot of possibilities.

What would you like Seclusion to stand for among music fans?
Anouar: A serious and varied electronic music label, turned towards the future, and which respects the values of the past.

The label is going to offer a street-art element of graphics, visuals, comics, merchandise and collaboration with artists. How will this sit alongside the music?
Damien: The street-art concept based on the scenario adapts very easily to the music we offer, the two sections are linked. Anyway, it’s generally a good mix, I’m a great fan of comics and sci-fi, works of Abu Qadim Haqq, Alan Oldham, for me, this art style is complementary to techno music.

How was HLX-1’s ‘Come To Me’ EP chosen for your first release?
Anouar: Honestly, it was done without thinking too much, there was a good feeling with Ken and Ann-Marie, and we quickly contacted Mark to join us on the project.

What are your hopes for ‘Come To Me’?
Anouar: We hope for good feedbacks, and getting as many people to dance as possible will be a good start in these complicated times…

Can you give us some insight into what’s to come next?
Quite a few 13130 Space Project releases, more people from Detroit, notably AUX 88, DJ T-1000, plus an excellent EP by Samuel L Session.

If you could fast forward a few years to 2025, what would make you feel Seclusion was a successful label from your viewpoint?
It’s quite difficult to project yourself, but if we move forward in the same frame of mind, following the initial concept while remaining creative, we think that there are great prospects.

Watch 13130 Space Project live at the Seclusion label launch on YouTube below. For the latest news, find Seclusion on Facebook and Instagram. Read our interview with HLX-1 here.

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