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  • 2017-03-05

Edinburgh-based electro pop singer/songwriter Emilie, aka Emily Atkinson, releases new single ‘Never Enough’ on Friday, March 10th on Depot Records. We caught up with her to find out more about writing the song and her career so far.

[‘Never Enough’] is kind of about how invaluable things have become to us and how greedy we are in that we always build up to things we want, and once we’ve got to it, we’re pretty disposable, already focussing on something else.

First up, tell us bit about yourself - what got you into music? Was there a particular song or artist who inspired you?
I used to want to go into musical theatre and was in lots of shows/ attended UK Theatre School as a teenager, but I just kind of realised it was more the music side of things I enjoyed than anything else and I always had a keen interest in new music going to gigs as a teenager as well, so it was just sort of a natural progression. I don’t think there was a particular song or artist though, it was more of a natural progression really.

You’re based in Edinburgh. What’s the music scene like there and how has it changed?
The music scene is great. There are so many really talented bands and artists and everyone supports each other at shows/online so we’re all pretty close. I’m not sure a way it’s changed though because I’ve kind of only been about it properly for the last year or so, so it’s kind of all I’ve known it to be like.

If you music style was a personality, what would it be like?
As much as I’d hate to admit it, probably moody haha!

Can you remember the first song you wrote that you were really proud of? What was it about?
Oh god, I can’t remember exactly because I’m often proud of a song but then it goes away once I’ve written something new I’m even more proud of so I kind of forget. It was probably some tragic heartbreak song though.

How do you write your music? Is there any kind of routine that helps?
It varies. Sometimes I’ll write from start to finish on the spot, other times I’ll force myself into writing which isn’t always that successful or sometimes I’ll have an idea but won’t be in the mindset to write at the time so I’ll either write the idea down or record it as a voice note on my phone to come back to another time when I’m ready to.

You’ve enlisted the help of drummer Steve Morrison for percussion and sampling. What has he brought to your music?
Steve is a multi-talented guy. I write everything outside of our practises, but he helps bring to the live show extra ideas on what sounds would be good/ where to bring different things back in and out to build the songs for a live show. He’s also responsible for making everything work on stage which I’ve learned loads from him about. I count myself super lucky to be able to work with him.

Your new single is ‘Never Enough’ released March 10th. Where did you write ‘Never Enough’ and what’s it about?
I wrote some of ‘Never Enough’ in my friends living room and then did the rest at my flat. It took quite a bit of writing, re-writing and playing around with different production ideas on some demos I did on my laptop before I went into the studio. It’s kind of about how invaluable things have become to us and how greedy we are in that we always build up to things we want, and once we’ve got to it, we’re pretty disposable, already focussing on something else.

How can we tackle the problem of greed in our society?
I guess just by acknowledging it and trying to remind ourselves of it, I suppose. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this too. It was a thought process that was a realisation for myself as well.

How does ‘Never Enough’ compare to your previous singles?
I guess the last single I did, ‘Eyes For You’ was a kind of introduction to me as an artist with it being my debut, but with ‘Never Enough’ it was kind of more something I wanted to say. I also aimed to develop the sound a bit to show more of myself as an artist and more consideration into production ideas.

What are your hopes for the ‘Never Enough’?
I hope it will work in the same way as my debut release in being a spring board onto the next release/shows and just to keep developing as an artist.

You supported Be Charlotte at the Electric Circus on February 18th. How did that go?
It went really well thanks - the crowd were super receptive and I had a lot of fun playing the show. She’s such a talented girl and I was flattered to have been asked to play the show after being a fan of hers for a wee while.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?
I think I’d like to collaborate with the guys in Moderat to see what they could do with my sound, and also what they could bring to it. Their production/writing is fascinating to me.

What’s else is planned for 2017?
Just to release, play more shows and enjoy more doors that are opening as a result of writing/releasing my music.

Listen to ‘Never Enough’ on SoundCloud below. For the latest news and tour dates, follow Emilie on Twitter.

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