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  • Love Grenades
  • 2009-06-02

“My mother was a trumpet player and my dad a multi-instrumentalist both have a lot to do with why I make music. However, I was raised by my grandmother who was a classical concert pianist who really made me want to pursue music as more than just a hobby. She told me once I got out of high school, ‘You have two options: either make babies or make music.’ She had chosen to have nine kids and that doesn’t seem like fun… so I chose the latter.” Just by looking at her background it is easy to see why Elizabeth Wright of Love Grenades is now making waves on the LA music scene.

Love Grenades started out as a simple side project. Wright was singing in bands and wasn’t happy with the material that was being produced. So, instead of turning out what she didn’t like, she tried her hand at working on her own material. Thus, two years ago she formed her own band Love Grenades. Guitarist Corey has been with her since day one and Golden, also Sam Sparro’s producer has also become a regular. The rest of the band is still a revolving cast. Though with Wright as the driving force they needn’t worry.

Punk music saved my life!

“We worked at the same coffee shop together. The first time we met I asked for an application to the shop and he looked at me and said, ‘You have such a classic look! But you need a beauty mark.’ So he pulled out a Sharpie and I said, ‘First let me put one on you!’ So we gave each other beauty marks and giggled. It was a cute moment. We totally fell in love with each other’s music and started collaborating soon after that.” Though currently working on different music scenes, close pal Sam Sparro is a source of support. Wright admits that having Sparro as a friend might help get her noticed, mainly through remixes and the MySpace connection, but their vibes are different. They love one another’s works, but Wright is not about to sit on her laurels and live off someone else’s success. Sparro’s remix of “Young Lovers” will get a European release later in the year and if there is any justice, it will catapult her to a new level of success.

Love Grenades have multiple influences, deriving a lot from the late 70s and early 80s, Wright is a big fan of disco, new wave and hip hop but declares that “punk music saved my life!” Wright is delighted at having recently been compared to Debbie Harry, a childhood hero of hers. She has met Blondie several times and has all her vinyl signed by both Harry and Chris Stein. On the flip side, should she ever be compared to the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton “or anyone else who thinks its cool to NOT write your own music and be a living breathing product of record companies or Disney” then I get the feeling all hell could break loose.

Another major influence is Los Angeles which is where the group are currently based. “X, Palm Trees, LA gang and punk history, Chavez Ravine, the beach, Downtown LA, Bukowski, the underground dance clubs, being smarter than the shitty traffic, cussing out transplants who complain about LA when they don’t become famous” are all elements of LA society that give Love Grenades a reason to live. Wright’s personal aspirations also include headlining at LA venues including The Hollywood Bowl and the Wiltern. “Those are two places I have been going to see shows for my entire life so to be a part of LA History would be such an accomplishment.”

Love Grenades are currently working on their debut album release – might we expect cover versions of “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club or “I’m Ready” by Kano? Wright wishes that both were her songs. “Both aren’t too wordy and the simplicity is what makes them so good.” It took Wright a year to perfect “Tigers In The Fire”, the title track to their debut EP. The EP features 4 remixes of the aforementioned, but it is the video for ‘Young Lovers’ which is getting the group a lot of attention. Having already won numerous awards for the no budget masterpiece. “I think what makes it a success was the fact that the director Steve Lee and I were so into Godard at the time that we couldn’t make any mistakes because it would be blasphemous! Plus I managed to use only my close friends and some whom the song was actually about.”

If I were you, I would hurry along to the Love Grenades MySpace, where you can catch a peek of the award winning video and hear my personal recommendation “Off To Sea” before it’s too late. As Wright warns “when this is all over I’m gonna change my name to Evol Sedanerg and live on a boat and only listen to jazz music.”

Get in there quickly before these Love Grenades explode!

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