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  • 2018-03-26

Electric Ghost formed in 2017 following Mark Sharpe’s debut solo single ‘Fools’. He teamed up with James Grant who was already writing and creating instrumental music for TV and film as Sweet Wave Audio. We spoke to James about forming the duo and the release of their eponymous debut album.

[The album] seems to be about love, loss, hope and fear. Strong universal themes that everyone can relate to and make their own.

First up, tell us bit about yourselves - what were you doing before making music?
To be honest, I’ve never had a full time job so I guess before making music I was a young lad wondering if I would get a drum kit from Christmas! Ever since I left music college I’ve been teaching Drums and playing gigs for a living. A few years ago I got really into recording and I now compose music for adverts and TV etc as my day job. I work from a home studio so it’s a pretty sweet setup! I’ve also started producing bands which is a lot of fun.

I think Mark was a polo neck model before he started playing music. He’s not here so that’s what I’ll say. It’s probably true.

I understand Electric Ghost formed out of James Grant’s Sweet Wave Audio and Mark Sharpe’s solo career. Can you tell us a little more about how everything is related?
I recorded Mark’s debut single and his recent Lost Cause EP and it was apparently early on that we worked really well together. We both shared a lot of ideas and I played Drums and a few other instruments on the tracks. Mark seemed to like the riffs etc I was writing so it gave us an idea to collaborate on some brand new tracks.

When did Electric Ghost officially become a band? What was the turning point?
A label in Denmark called Apollo Live actually kicked us into life. I write production music for them and they said I should look to record a full album with a vocalist. Mark was the first guy I thought of and he was happy to get on board. The band is more of a studio side project I guess but we put a lot of effort into writing and recording these tracks.

Who did your take inspiration from?
Music-wise there’s a taste of Stereophonics, Springsteen (lyric-wise), and I also recently heard a band called Majical Cloudz who gave me a whole bunch of new ideas.

Why the name Electric Ghost?
I guess because it’s a studio project we’re sort of an invisible band (for now). So that’s the main reason behind the name.

How would you describe your musical style?
Catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics and big choruses. Few sing-a-long and air drumming moments for good measure.

Can you remember your first ever gig? How far have you come since then?
I guess my first gig was probably a school concert on drums probably playing an Oasis tune. At one school concert I sang ‘Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit… I guess the only way was up after that performance.

You’re about to release your debut album. What’s it about?
All the tracks seem to be about love, loss, hope and fear. Strong universal themes that everyone can relate to and make their own.

When did you write it and where did you record it?
We wrote the album in 2017 over an eight-month period. I would write and record al the music in my studio and send the tracks to Mark and he would come up with lyrics and melodies. He would then come to the studio and we’re record the vocals.

We were imagining the tracks would be used in films on TV shows as a way of writing the lyrics. If maybe say to Mark ‘make this one about breaking up or making up’ and he’d work his magic. It worked well as a method of giving each track an emotional purpose.

How does the album build on your style heard on ‘Just Hold On’?
This track is one of the more up-tempo and fun tracks. It has the big chorus and cool lyrics which all the tracks have, fast or slow. Mark has a talent for creating an ear-worm!

What are your hopes for the album?
I just hope people appreciate it for what it is. We don’t have goals or targets to hit which is a nice freedom. Just let it do it’s thing. If it gains Mark new fans for his solo material then that’s a bonus for him too.

Where can we see you live in 2018?
You can catch Mark Sharp live no problem, and you’ll often find me behind the drums for him as well as a few others, but whether or not Electric Ghost take the stage remains to be seen. If there’s demand for it then who knows!

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen to the band this year, what would it be?
I hope Mark gets shot out of a cannon whilst dressed as Batman. Other than that I’m just excited to have the album released and see where it takes us.

Follow James Grant’s Sweet Wave Audio on Twitter for more information about Electric Ghost.

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