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  • Dizzle AP
  • 2019-09-27

Dizzle AP grabbed people’s attention thanks to performances at Mike Skinner’s Tonga in London and Manchester, plus Annie Mac-AMP sounds at Camden Roundhouse, Finsbury Park’s Sidewinder Festival, Wiley’s live show at House of Vans and Jammer’s show at KOKO London. His new EP is ‘Silver Lining’ - we caught up with Dizzle AP to find out more.

‘Silver Lining’ is about always being able to be positive in any situation.

First up, tell us about yourself - what got you into music?
I have always been a big fan of music. My dad was a DJ and from young he used to bring me out on sets with him. So the passion for music has always been there.

Were there any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from?
I grew up on grime. it would be roll deep crew, more fire crew, Jammer and giggs even though giggs is not grime.

How would you describe your musical style?
Different unique a mix between grime, drill and trap.

Why ‘Dizzle AP’?
The AP stands for apply pressure which is a motto that I live by. In life no matter what it is u do if you want be the best you have to apply pressure, work hard and be consistent.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?
Anybody that I can connect with on a level. If we don’t connect then it doesn’t make sense in my eyes.

Tell us about your new EP Silver Lining. What’s it about, what are its themes?
Silver Lining comes from the saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. It’s about always being able to be positive in any situation.

When did you write it and where did you record it?
Started working on the EP in February this year recorded at hoh studios in my hometown, Luton.

How does Silver Lining represent your style? Can you talk us through each track?
It represents my style perfectly, the audience got to experience different parts of my life. The message in ‘Cash Machine’ is different from ‘Life of Mine’ which switches to ‘Gucci Bag’. All containing experiences I have personally been through which others can relate too. The track ‘Silver Lining’ gives out a positive message for EVERYONE, a motto to live by and then ‘Pull Up (Flex)’ is more of a club banger for people to enjoy.

What are your hopes for Silver Lining?
I hope people enjoy it, I want i to be part of your music collection that you go back to in years to come and still enjoy it.

What can you tell us about your plans for the rest of 2019?
I am always in the studio creating more music. I have exciting collaborations to come and also performances. I hope I can continue to motivate Luton.

Finally, if you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, when would it be and what would you say?
I would advise myself to take it seriously from the start, believe in my own wave and never stop dreaming big.

Listen to Silver Lining on Spotify below. For more Dizzle AP music, head to SoundCloud.

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