Demarzo debuts on Wow! Recordings with 'Get Right' EP

  • Demarzo debuts on Wow! Recordings with 'Get Right' EP
  • 2017-02-03

Demarzo has taken his deep tech house sound to Wow! Recordings with three-track EP Get Right out now. Title track ‘Get Right’ has a streetwise vocal hook that launches you onto a lively dancefloor with a naughty synth taking you by the hand and cosmic rays blasting left and right. Add in a few strings for an inventive progressive package. ‘Breeze’ is more minimal with a slinky vibe and acid undertones that beckons a beat layored with a voice that calls out to you to “feel good” while ‘Get Right’ reprise ‘Sweetner’ is lined up for those afterparty hours with a warm embrace.

We caught up with Demarzo to find out more about the EP and how he got into producing electronic music.

I like to chuck in some deep vocal phrase that always goes down nice in the club.

First up, tell us bit about yourself - what first got you into music?
I’m 29 born in Leeds and have now lived in London for four years. My father got me into music. I was pushed hard to play piano from five years old and I kind of hated it. I didn’t realise the benefits at that age, but I’m glad he did what he did. He took me to jazz nights through the week and he would be playing northern soul throughout the house. I still love jazz and northern soul now and always will.

Was there a particular artist or song that inspired you?
A track called ‘Sorceress’ by Return To Forever. I’m still absolutely obsessed with this track and I might still listen to it every day!

When did you start writing music? Do you have a process?
I think I started when I was 14. I downloaded Fruity Loops and used to write samples for the band I was In. I played keyboard and I also did a lot of sampling and effects. The music I was making was some kind of electronica, and it evolved into this style I do now.

I tend to start off with drums and percussion. I think a good groove with the beat is the foundation to any good dance track. I think I might work in a bass line or spend some time on a separate project in Ableton and do some sound designing, so I can add what I’ve created into the new track project. I think separating the writing and sound design process opens up better modes of creativity.

How do you keep your productions fresh?
I always maintain excellent hygiene when producing, often showering beforehand and with a spritz of cologne, it really sets the track off to a fresh start. I also, as mentioned above, like to do some sound design before I start a new project. This basically means I experiment with synths and samples to create something unique. I’ll then try work these ideas into a new track. I think it’s in my mind set to try and create something fresh anyway, using the same sequences and sounds you hear all the time bores me.

Your latest EP Get Right is on Wow! Recordings. How did you link up with Mar-T’s label?
I had Wow! down on my list of labels I wanted to work with, so my manager got in touch with Luca Donzelli, who’s an amazing producer by the way if you haven’t heard him yet. I offered up a bunch of different ideas and they loved them, so I couldn’t be happier.

You describe your sound as ‘pumping, provocative and eclectic’. How do the three tracks build on this style?
I think pumping is a word that simulates the vibe you get on the night, and with this EP, they give off this sound and kind of bounce I guess. Provocative and eclectic basically come together in that a lot of my music has an element of complexity to it. It’s important to keep music simple, especially for club music, so at times I can fall foul of over complicating things. I think in this EP I might have just balanced it right. I also like to chuck in some deep vocal phrase that always goes down nice in the club.

Which of the tunes on the EP is getting the most play in your sets and why?
I’d say ‘Sweetener (Get Right)’ is the most consistent in terms of delivering in all situations. I have a different mindset at all my gigs so one show I might think ‘Breeze’ will go down great, or I might think ‘Get Right’ is the one to play.

Listen to Demarzo’s ‘Get Right’ EP on SoundCloud below. For tour dates head to Demarzo’s Facebook page.

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