• Coralcrown
  • 2018-04-15

Coralcrown auteur Luis Gotor returned to music after a hiatus thanks to London’s vibrant and diverse nightlife captivated him. We spoke to Coralcrown about their music including new single ‘Between the Lights’ and forthcoming EP out later this year.

This EP is the beginning of my journey, and it makes so much sense to me; each song takes a different direction, but they all match with each other so well at the same time.

First up, tell us a bit about yourselves - what led to you forming Coralcrown?
Coralcrown was the natural step forward that I felt after a couple of years away from the stage. I moved to London (I’m from Spain) and started writing songs, experimenting with my laptop just for fun, and then suddenly I felt that I wanted to share with people what I felt listening to and performing those songs.

Who did you take inspiration from?
My inspiration came from all the live bands that I saw during my time since moving here; the passion they showed really inspired me.

Why the name Coralcrown?
Coralcrown is a gift, a present from my friend (and Coralcrown’s keyboardist) Dani Ruiz. He knows better, maybe someone revealed the name to him in a dream (he loves that stuff from the Beatles)

How would you describe your musical style?
Well, if we have to choose a category I’d say it’s bedroom synth funky indie rock pop, but to be honest to me it’s just a blend of what I listen to and what I imagine written down, without any specific orientation - just what came to my mind.

Can you remember your first live gig? How did it go?
Although I recorded these songs at the end of 2016, they weren’t released until this spring so as the new band that we are, our first gig was quite recently (January 18), and we loved it. It felt as if we had been playing together for years, and I think the audience felt it, it’s contagious.

In what way is your live show evolving?
I’d love to have longer times on stage to experiment and stretch the songs, but for now we are making sure that we play as accurately as possible compared with the EP.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?
I’d love to play with Two Door Cinema Club.

You’ve got an EP set to launch later in the year. What have we got to look forward to from that?
This EP is the beginning of my journey, and it makes so much sense to me; each song takes a different direction, but they all match with each other so well at the same time. It’s not extremely polished, and my accent is quite strong, so I think it has a lot of character.

Tell us about your single ‘Between the Lights’. What’s it about?
‘Between the Lights’ is an imaginary story that came to my mind when I closed my eyes and tried to remember that feeling when you are a teenager and everything seems so intense, and you are so insecure but you gather all your strength and ask out the girl you like (and in this case she says yes, because it’s my song and I do what I want with it, in real life it’s not that easy!)

How does it represent your style?
It has that dreamy atmosphere at the back with a catchy lead melody and I really enjoy working with the dynamic, silences, and this song is the result of that.

What are your hopes for the single?
I’d love to reach as many people as possible, but even more importantly, I’d like those who listen to the song to feel what I felt when I made it.

Where can we see you live in 2018?
We’ll be playing at the Finsbury (London) on Friday, May 4th launching Birth!

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen to the band this year, what would it be?
We’d love to have some external support which can help us reach more people.

Listen to ‘Between the Lights’ on SoundCloud below. For news and tour dates go to

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