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  • Cherri V
  • 2017-06-22

Singer/songwriter Cherri V’s straight talking lyrics hear her discuss the truths of her life and her battles. New album Brown Eyed Soul is set to be her most personal and autobiographical project to date. We spoke to Cherri V about the story behind the album.

I plan to prove the point of being a woman of substance, more than just a pretty voice and really speak into the hearts of my listeners… from one heart to the other.

Tell us bit about yourself - what were you doing before making music?
I was a professional dancer for a good amount of years before I embarked on this musical journey. I completed my first UK tour aged 16 and toured again with Ms Dynamite as a dancer.

What was the first style or genre of music you really got into? Was their a particular song or artist who inspired you in particular?
I was always heavily influenced by RnB/gospel music. Brandy was a huge influence for me as a child as she started out so young and had such a strong presence and vocal, she was an inspiration.

How do you set about writing songs? Is there a common starting point?
Most, if not all of my songs are from my own personal experiences or taken from the stories around me. Whether that be close friends or family members it’s pretty autobiographical. So the common starting point are my emotional attatchments to my own experiences or second hand information.

Tell us about your new single ‘Without You’. What’s it about?
My single ‘Without you’ explores the difficulty of dealing with everyday trivial issues that occur with a live in spouse, husband or wife. The main focus of the song is realising in due time that although the issues and habits are highly annoying lol living without the one you love isn’t the solution.

You worked with Grammy Award winning producer Harmony Samuels on ‘Without You’. How was that experience? What did you learn from him?
This was definitely a digital collaboration, lol. Harmony, born and raised in the UK, now resides in L.A. and the move has definitely been the best decision he has made for his career. We worked together so much when he was in the UK so we are like family! So much of my growth as an artist and vocalist was experienced with him at the beginning of my journey as ‘Cherri V’ He was fearless in moving away from his home town and country to follow the dreams which are all now coming true. I think that can be an inspiration to us all!

Would you call ‘Without You’ a typical Cherri V tune?
Absolutely. I think for the first time on a song, I was able to capture my goofy, playful side. The visual also brings that to life. I wrote the song with my brother in spirit Jermaine Riley who I’ve collaborated with for many years and our writing process is very natural and conversational. To be able to create in a space of authenticity and comfort is priceless.

What do you like most about it?
It’s playful and relatable. Sometimes these types of songs can be turned into male bashing anthems and I’m not really for that. Being married, it was important for me to highlight the bigger picture and address some of the instances which make us want to escape and roll our eyes ten times over lol.

You’ve got an album coming out soon called ‘Brown Eyed Soul’. What can we expect to hear on the album? Are there any particular themes?
You can expect a soulful project packed with transparency. I think it’ll be an intimate experience for an audience listening to my album. I say that because I’ve allowed myself to be honest, to swear a bit lol and to address issues surrounding racism and discrimination. I used to be scared of approaching these subjects before, but I’ve come to realise that so much power and healing can come from breaking your silence.

Which song was hardest to write?
“Brown Girl” was a very difficult one. It explores the fact that society can be held responsible for self hate at times.

Do you have any particular favourites?
My favourites change from week to week, lol. At the moment it’s a very emotive, but feel-good track, called “All life long”.

What are your hopes for ‘Brown Eyed Soul’?
I really want to explore Europe and other territories. I have genuine supporters who’ve followed my journey for a number of years and would love to tour in their city.

My ultimate goal for this album is connection over numbers. I plan to prove the point of being a woman of substance, more than just a pretty voice and really speak into the hearts of my listeners… from one heart to the other.

What else is coming up for you in 2017?
At the moment I’m really focus on and looking forward the official album release!

Watch the video for ‘Without You’ on YouTube below. For news and tour dates visit the Cherri V Facebook page.

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