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  • Charlie Mase
  • 2018-03-12

Charlie Mase is a regular on YouTube, armed with tunes such as ‘Flavour Freestyle’, ‘8pm in Acton’ and ‘Genesis’. He has appeared on Tim Westwood’s Crib Sessions alongside rap collective PBGR and graced the Bl@ckbox studio for a freestyle session. We spoke to Charlie about his music and latest release ‘Smoke it Loud’.

I sometimes tend to think nobody’s really taking in my music but that’s not the case. I still get people popping up to me about my old and new songs.

First up, tell us bit about yourself - what first got you into music?
I’m Charlie Mase, an artist. I love making music, being versatile and entertaining people. I’ve always wanted to get into music since I was a kid. Watching the likes of Michael Jackson and Puff Daddy, alongside the whole Bad Boy roster was probably one of my first and biggest inspirations.

Were there any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from when you were establishing your sound?
A lot of 90’s music and early 00’s music really inspired me, I still listen to them now. In terms of more current inspirations, I’d say PBGR inspired me. Simply because I knew them and we made music together at times. So I could see just how good and musically talented they were; they had their own sound which was more in line with my taste in music. I always challenged myself to make better music than them some day, that’d be a big deal for me, lol.

How would you describe your style?
Versatile, smooth, wavey. It depends on the beat I guess. Depending on the beat I jump on, my style on it could vary. But, for the most part, I’d just say ‘wavey’ because of its ambiguity. Whatever sound I bring, it’ll just be wavey in its own way… if that makes sense.

You’ve been uploading a regular flow of music onto YouTube including ‘Flavour Freestyle’, ‘8pm in Acton’ and ‘Genesis’. How important is YouTube for giving your music exposure?
YouTube plays a huge part in exposing my music, everyone’s even! I’m learning more and more that it’s more than just slapping it on YouTube, you gotta do your marketing and PR but nonetheless, YouTube has and still plays a massive part. As long as your consistent with content you could have a number of people acknowledging your music from all over the world.

What response have you been getting for your music?
I’ve been getting a very loving response, a lot of people really feel it. I sometimes tend to think nobody’s really taking in my music but that’s not the case. I still get people popping up to me about my old and new songs. Singing the correct lyrics and all sorts. So yeah, people defo feel it. I just can’t wait for them to hear my new stuff, ‘coz they haven’t seen nothing yet.

You appeared on Tim Westwood’s Crib Sessions alongside rap collective PBGR. How did that come about?
Ha! Now that was a fun day. I was literally on the coach back to uni in Leicester and Skeps from PBGR called me after the OTFYM show we had. We were lamenting over the show and how sick it was before he told me Westwood messaged them. I was so shocked. I kept telling him congratulations and well done for their hard work and then he was like, he wanted me to come along too.

I didn’t expect the invite and had lectures that week too but I thought ‘Westwood… uni… hmmm?’. Long story short you guys know what I picked and yeah, I got my 16 ready :)

What did Westwood say to you?
Big up Westwood, I can’t really remember him saying suttin’ personally to me, I was just gassed to be in the crib session at the time, lol, but, yeah, it was was a good session - he cool peoples.

What did you learn from PBGR?
I learnt to follow my own rules when it comes to making music and being organic. I also learnt from their mistakes and things I wish they did, like release more crucial videos from The Black Market. That album is too sick to be slept on IMO.

You’ve been to the Bl@ckbox studio for a freestyle session. How did that go?
Yeah that was another dope experience. To be fair I was a bit anxious about it at first because I didn’t really want to to do it. I felt like the kind of artist I represent isn’t really represented on Bl@ckbox, it’s more a strict rap/MC type of platform and I didn’t wanna be seen as solely a rapper. But hey, that’s what the team thought was best so it happened. Glad that I did it though, even just for the experience.

Tell us about your new single ‘Smoke it Loud’. What’s it about?
‘Smoke It Loud’ is a single that started off as just a funny freestyle in the back of a car on snap, lol. We just made the most out of it and now it’s just a fun song, full of vibes, character and a banging beat to get you moving (big up Vsnry on the production).

How has the feedback to the single been so far
It’s been humbling, a lot of people like and have the song on their phones. They message me on socials and show me their phones when they see me, it’s a crazy feeling for a song which wasn’t initially intended to be more than a humorous snap freestyle.

What else have you got in store for 2018?
A lot more music this year and a sound that’s going to shock people, ‘coz I know they’re not going to expect it from me. But I can’t wait, I’m excited.

Watch the video for ‘Smoke It Loud’ on YouTube below. For news and tour dates follow Charlie Mase on Twitter.

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