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  • 2017-03-06

Dutch four-piece Canshaker Pi is hitting the ears of UK music fans with the release of ‘What You’re Trying To Say’. With a tour being planned for May and an album in the works, we found out more about the noise rock band.

We’d love to be James Murphy’s backing band

First up, tell us bit about yourself - what led you all to forming Canshaker Pi?
We all met in high school, hanging out and listening to similar music, and at one point we decided to start jamming together which led to forming Canshaker Pi. We started working on our own songs pretty much right away and within a year we had our first gig.

Your music style has been described as ‘supercharged indie rock’. What does that mean to you?
I guess that supercharged is a way someone describes our energy, live and on record. We like to give high energy performances and give a song a lot of energy, if we think it needs it. And indie rock is pretty self explanatory.

You enticed Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus to travel to Holland to produce your record which came out in November 2016. How exactly did you ‘entice’ him?
We had been working with Remko Schouten, the best sound engineer in Holland, who had worked with Pavement for a very long time. At one point he called us asking if we had thought about a producer already, which we hadn’t, and suggested Stephen. Needless to say we were all for it, and Stephen wanted to do it too. So that worked out.

Were you pleased with the results? What did you learn from Stephen?
We’re all extremely happy with how the record turned out, Remko did a great job recording all the songs and Stephen was a great producer. He was respectful of our songs and the way we were trying to play them. He really helped us out with how we were trying to portray our songs, in a very patient and kind way.

What kind of response did the album get?
From what I’ve seen and read, we have been very lucky, we got a lot of great reviews on blogs and in mainstream newspapers as well. And I believe our friends really dig it too. So pretty good!

You have a second album currently in the works, how are you getting on with it?
We’ve recorded a bunch of them already and our currently working on the second bunch which we want to record as soon as possible. We’re very happy with the songs so far, and the first round of recordings turned out great. So yeah, pretty good!

How do you think the album will develop your sound?
Some of the songs are very Canshaker, and some of them are little more out of line with what we used to do. It’s hard to say right now since we’re still working on it, I think we won’t be able to tell until it’s finished.

What can we look forward to when it’s released?
We hope a great new record that you and all your friends can listen to and dance to every single day and night of every year for the rest of your lives! Or just another boring supercharged indie rock album. Who knows!

In the meantime you’ve got a new single ‘What You’re Trying to Say’. Tell us what that’s about.
It’s up to who’s listening to tell what it’s about, if it’s about anything. It’s up to interpretation, I guess.

Where was it recorded?
We recorded it in the E-Sound studio in Weesp, which is a beautiful, very large studio with a great feel and horrible heating. We had one ‘chill’ space where everyone would be wearing several sweaters and jackets. We had a great time and experience recording there though.

What are your hopes for the single?
Just for as many people as possible to hear it and like it!

You’re on tour in May - where can we expect to see you?
We’re still working everything out and I can’t say much about it yet, but we’ll be announcing dates pretty soon!

What are your three ‘must-haves’ while on tour?
We’ve never been on tour, in Holland everything is so close by that you drive back home after the show, haha. But I’d imagine it’s good to have enough to do when you’re in the van. Like a book or a portable dvd player. Something like that.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?
We’re all listening to LCD Soundsystem a lot lately, we’d love to be James Murphy’s backing band, that would be crazy. Or playing with MC Ride of Death Grips.

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen to the band in 2017, what would it be?
Finishing our second album, playing more shows abroad and hopefully being able to reach out to more people! And I’d like a girlfriend.

Watch the video for ‘What You’re Trying to Say’ on YouTube below. For the latest news and tour dates, visit the Canshaker Pi Facebook page.

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