• Cats and Cats and Cats
  • 2010-05-28

Cats and Cats and Cats are one of the many upcoming acts to be performing alongisde The Subways, Metronomy and Frank Turner at Cheltenham’s 2000Trees festival. Designed as a showcase of the UK’s most exciting music talent, zap! bang! jumped at the chance to find out more…

2000trees festival showcases the best in British new music. What are your favourite up and coming British bands or artists at the moment?

There seem to be so many amazing bands starting up at the moment, a few that spring to mind are two Oxford based bands: Ute, who make folky intricate pop songs, and Spring Offensive who make darker, louder stuff with loads of lovely vocals. I should mention our often-tour-support heroes The Siegfried Sassoon too and our good friends Wild Dogs in Winter, two masters of their trades.

Have you ever been to 2000trees before, if so what have been your highlights from previous years?

No but I wish I had!

Who is your favourite British band of all time?

I have to say the band that got me into music in the first place, which was Blur. I was about 11 when Parklife came out and I remember we were moving house at the time, me and my best friends got in a big empty cupboard and sang End of a century at the top of our voices along to a cassette. Good times.

The band that got me into music in the first place… was Blur.

What are your plans for your performance at 2000trees?

Hopefully we’ll have all our extra instrumentalists and will be playing tracks from our album which is out in May (15th to be precise) along with some unreleased songs we’ve been working on recently. There’s a chance we’ll have some visuals and costumes and a near zero possibility of a lazer show with deadly robots attacking the earth.

Which other artists are you and your fans looking forward to seeing, at this year at 2000trees festival?

Well we can’t wait to catch up with our friends and ex tour buddies in A Genuine Freakshow, Vessels, Maybeshewill and 65 Days of Static and see them rock the place. We’re also looking forward to And so I watch you from afar and Shoes and socks off.

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