• Artan
  • 2017-06-08

Artan teamed up with Katmundu for the first taste of his Breaking Stereotypes EP, ‘Opposite Interests’. As he releases the second single from the EP, ‘My Brudda’, we found out more about his background.

At the moment I’m just showing you all what I can do and experimenting with my sound.

Tell us bit about yourself - where did you grow up and did you have any interests outside of music?
I grew up everywhere, I was born in London, moved to Essex until I was about 13, and then moved back to London. I used to actually beatbox and play table tennis a lot, those were my main two hobbies.

What was the first style or genre of music you really got into?
I first really started liking US hip hop, Eminem, 50 Cent, Nas, that era of rappers. But then I started getting into Dizzee Rascal and grime, and I became obsessed.

Was their a particular song or artist who inspired you?
I’d say a bunch of artists have inspired me, I think right now I’d probably say Russ is a big inspiration, he’s done so much independently and mixes, masters and produces everything himself too.

How do you set about writing songs? Is there a common starting point?
I’ll always take inspiration from whatever mood I’m in, and whatever happened to me in the past week or so. I tend to get inspired by the beat though so it depends on the feel of the song.

Tell us about your new single ‘Opposite Interests’. When was it written and what’s it about?
It was written and recorded around February and it was really about just a song about how sometimes opposites can actually attract, even if you’re completely different. I was actually drunk, went to the studio and freestyled over the beat, then went back the next week and re-recorded it.

You worked with Katmundu on ‘Opposite Interests’. What did he bring to the track?
Both of us like trying new styles and I thought it’d be a good idea to try an afro-beat inspired song, he then made it his own.

What did you learn from him?
He can make an A1 beat real quick if he’s in the zone.

What are your hopes for ‘Opposite Interests’?
I just want people to appreciate the song like you would any other song. At the moment I’m just showing you all what I can do and experimenting with my sound.

‘Opposite Interests’ is a taster for your debut EP Breakin Stereotypes. What can we expect from the EP? What are its themes?
It’s called Breaking Stereotypes because I want to challenge the way people perceive music at the moment. Most genre’s are associated with a certain theme or character and Im trying to break all those barriers and just make good music regardless of the tempo or sound.

Other than Katmundu, did you work with anyone else on ‘Opposite Interests’? If so, how was that experience?
I worked with Curtis Meredith on ‘You and Me’, I actually recorded that last year and we hung onto that for a while.

Do you have a particular favourite tune on the EP?
My personal favourite is Don’t Panic, it’s something I listen to all the time because I’m basically talking to myself just reassuring myself.

When will we be able to hear the next track off the EP?
It’s out now. It’s called ‘My Brudda’.

Finally, if you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, when would you go back to and what would you say?
Don’t panic, your insecurities will be your most valuable assets!

Watch the video for ‘Opposite Interests’ on YouTube below. For Artan news, follow him on Twitter @artanldn.

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