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  • 2018-03-08

Alberteen follow up albums Miss World and A French Connection with new single ‘The Son’s Room’. We spoke to Ade about their formation, new music and future plans.

We have always described our sound as ‘rhythm and noir’ - 60s RnB grooves infused with a 21st film noir aesthetic.

First up, tell us bit about yourselves - what led you all to forming Alberteen?
A childhood friendship in a mining town and a funeral reunion many years later. Then we brought along others to join the ride.

Who did your take inspiration from?
Books, artists, births, weddings, long train journeys, short plane journeys, walks along the rugged English coast. And Prince.

Has your style changed much since your original formation?
More recently yes, when put down guitars and picked up synthesisers, flutes and clarinets. Having a female (Julia) in the band broke any kind of laddish element, not that we are remotely laddish. We’re certainly not Kasabian…

How would you describe your musical style now?
We have always described our sound as ‘rhythm and noir’ - 60s RnB grooves infused with a 21st film noir aesthetic. There’s ‘laddish’ for ya.

You’ve been featured on Cornershop’s ‘Singhles Club’ releases named after Tjinder Singh. How did that come about?
He invited us to his studio after hearing a demo of our song ‘A Girl and a Gun’ and he produced it, leading to it being the last ever release on the series of tracks in the club. We were delighted.

You’ve played played with Primal Scream and Field Music, among others. What have you learned from the bands you’ve played with?
Don’t get drunk before a gig. Made that mistake at a rooftop festival gig in Derbyshire. Almost fell off. Actually Primal Scream were wasted when we supported them. Wouldn’t let us touch their rider.

Tell us about your new single ‘The Son’s Room’. When did you write the song and what is it about?
Phil wrote the lyrics. The title is taken from a dark Italian movie about death and families, but Phil’s lyrics are snapshots of childhood memories, love and loss - a little head-movie in itself. It’s a reflective song full of yearning.

How does ‘The Son’s Room’ build on the music from your previous albums Miss World and A French Connection?
It’s a real sonic progression and saw us self-producing for the first time. It became as much about the sound as the song, layer upon layer of noise, ambience, flutes, keys. It hints at where we’re heading in the future.

This is the first time you’ve not included a guitar part. Why is that?
We liked being Kraftwerk for a bit.

What are your hopes for the single?
That you’ll like it. That it will introduce new listeners to Alberteen. And that we can make it sound awesome live.

Do you have any more new music lined up this year?
Yes. Three new songs and two remixes. All due to come out this year. We’ve soundtracked a short film about Joe Orton. The song is rather cheekily called ‘Hey Joe’ and will be our next single.

Where can we see you live?
To be announced very soon… everywhere.

Finally, if you could wish for one thing to happen to the band this year, what would it be?
That we stay healthy in body and mind. And that we make people dance.

Watch the video for ‘The Son’s Room’ on YouTube below. For news and tour dates go to

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