Star Chamber

Star Chamber are hoping 2006 will be a major year in its long yet history after the band took some time out to concentrate on new material and recording. Now the indie-rock band are on the road again with gigs lined up in London and a new EP under their belt. Will it be their break through year?

Star Chamber are singer/guitarist Al Bradbury, guitarist Karl Addy, bass player Andrew Hammond and drummer Luke Webster. They hail from Kent in the south east of England and have been forging their own sound for more than five years on the local circuit. Since their last EP, Extended Play, they have raised a few eyeborws in the industry. Al said: “There has been significant interest from a number of independent record labels and other industry professionals so we took it on ourselves to knuckle down on getting some new songs together and forming a really strong repertoire”.

The band has invested in a home studio set up to work on new recordings and follow up the contacts already made. With their own equipment they have not got to worry about the costs of hiring out a studio. The results of their initial recording sessions has been a new three-track EP of songs “Nettles”, “New Light” and “Upset”. “Nettles” is a riotous track with pounding guitars that just begs to be stomped to and let the anger out. The rousing “New Light” kicks off in top gear before settling into a angst-ridden melodic middle that builds to a uplifting climax. Finally, “Upset” is a short but sweet slice of indie-rock driven by a grimy riff.

Al said: “Plans for 2006 are to gig heavily, mostly around the South of England, building up our fan base and getting back into playing live again. We’re continuing to write better songs all the time. In between gigging and rehearsing we are recording bits and bobs and ideas which we are particularly excited about to keep things moving”.

To kick off their touring this year, Star Chamber can be seen in London in February and March. First up will be an appearance at Turnmills in Clerkenwell Road, Farringdon on Wednesday, February 8. Following that, they will be at the Purple Turtle in Crowndale Road, Camden on Tuesday, March 28. Further details can be found at their myspace site,, where you can also download their three new tracks and old favourite “Where’s My Joy?” from Extended Play.

Their website has been undergoing some changes, but they hope to have it live any day now. Check for news. The band is lining up plenty more recordings and gigs so if you like the Star Chamber sound, 2006 promises to be an eventful year.

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