Percolate and Lobster Theremin at Oval Space

Route 8 and Asquith starred for Lobster Theremin as Percolate hosted a showcase for the label at Oval Space in London on Friday, April 8th. The pair were joined by label mate Imre Kiss plus Legowelt and Tin Man in a night tinged with big basslines and epic acid.

We entered as Imre Kiss was rounding off his warm, welcoming set ahead of Lobster Theremin boss Asquith taking to the decks. Asquith upped the speed to hard tech which injected energy into the crowd who welcoming every bass drop with whoops of approval. An hour in, Asquith switched up the pace by dropping into post-dubstep in the shape of Benton’s “Brian” followed up by a pair of Ramadanman productions - “Work Them” and “Don’t Change for Me” - in what became a lush interlude from the pumping techno that included the dreamy sounds of E Myers in the shape of “Love” and QinetiQ’s progressive “Remember”.

Asquith would return to the beefy, driving 4/4 to finish off before handing over to Route 8. Armed with his synths and controllers, Route 8’s set was a joyful hour of blissful house and techno with groovey loops and making use of the famous loon bird sample used in an abundance for old skool rave tunes such as 808 State’s “Pacific 202” to bookend a fine performance. By now the crowd was well warmed up for the classic - yet linear - acid vibe of Tin Man’s live set which pulsated around Oval Space and kept the dancefloor busy before Legowelt saw out the remainder of the night with a DJ set.

The Lobster Theremin label has been gaining more and more respect from the underground party scene which is well earned on this showing. Their roster is producing inventive dance music, and coupled with the neo-acid of Tin Man plus the dexterity of Legowelt, Percolate delivered a forward-thinking night of music if light on a true identity. For Oval Space, the approaching warmer nights will work wonders for their mix of outside and inside areas - the terrace bar is destined to become a London clubbing favourite.

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